Weatherford Democrat

September 24, 2012

COLUMN: Romney is correct

Richard Feuilly

— Those that pay no federal income tax will vote for President Obama, no matter what it does to the country. I would wager that most are not aware that the Earned Income Tax Credit was introduced in the 1970s by president Ford, and has been expanded by every administration since. I realize that there are too many loopholes for the wealthy. The president harps about “pay your fair share.” I don’t understand how one can get a tax refund if no tax was paid.

It appears to me that the folks who plan to vote for President Obama have not been paying enough attention to what he has accomplished in his first term. He promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, has that happened? He said that he would sit down with our enemies and negotiate with them, how is that working out?

The president has not attended more than half of his daily intelligence briefings. Could it be that had he attended to what should be top priority — protecting the American citizens — the murder of our ambassador and his aides might not have happened? A Libyan security official says that the administration was warned 48 hours before the attack took place.

The president doesn’t have time to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu but he has plenty of time to hobnob with the Hollywood crowd and Letterman. If there are those that think that President Obama is concerned about you, you need to stop and use your head instead of your emotions.

The president wants to spread the wealth, make the rich pay their fair share. It will start out raising the tax on the rich. The rich will pick up their marbles and go some where else. When the rich are gone or milked dry, guess who will be tapped to pay their fair share?

Those that think that Democrat policies will take care of them from birth control pills to the euthanasia pill for grandpa and grandma will face an inflation rate that will make them wish that they had paid their fair share. I am not talking about the rich.

All the great sounding things that government is going to do for you sounds so good. Your life will be so much better, until the money runs out. Then inflation will make your life miserable. Have you ever noticed that since government got into health care and education that the costs of both have become outrageously high? When folks paid for things out of their hip pockets things were more reasonable.

The size of government needs to be cut in half. I realize that it can’t be done overnight, because it took us many years to get to such a ridiculous place, but it must begin now or this country will go the way of the Roman empire. The Democratic party does not have a clue as how to get us out of this predicament. They want to cut the military, in a time when President Obama’s foreign policy is not working.