Weatherford Democrat

September 27, 2012

Letters to the editor, Thursday, Sept. 27


— Does anyone care about big banks and corruption?

Dear editor,

Greg Palast is a British journalist. He focuses on super wealthy individuals whose activities are considered racketeering and who are considered criminals in Europe and other countries.

However, the Supreme Court in the United States gives immunity to these charges and considers them job creators.

Mr. Koch is one Mitt Romney funder with millions of dollars pushing his presidential election. “The Koch Brothers Exposed” is a recent DVD release. Paul Singer of Brooklyn, N.Y., was discovered buying off top leaders in Zambia and the Congo in Africa of AIDS funding provided by the United States and other countries. Billions of dollars have been stolen and allowed to fund right wing candidates through the Supreme Court decision nearly two years ago.  

These people are exposed in another DVD titled “Why We Occupy.” Another DVD is out called “Billionaires and Ballot Bandits.” One can Google information on these three informative visual media.

World News also tells about the Wall Street criminals who stole Americans’ retirements and homes, and caused the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression in the 1930s. A recent report on American news, cable and satellite TV, show the “cops protecting the crooks” on Wall Street in New York, while beating and pepper spraying peaceful Wall Street protestors. How different from the gun-toting Tea Party protestors who were untouched and unfettered by the police.

Criminals were bailed out, while the people of America were sold out!   

I understand these yet-to-be-jailed Wall Street criminals now strut around Washington buying off Congressmen while blaming “us” for the off-the-cliff disaster they planned and carried out.

My question is when will these big banksters be arrested and tried? Although those persons like Charles Koch may be too big to fail, they are not too big to jail.

Is anyone in Weatherford or Parker County concerned by these unfolding events?

Darwin Yeary,


Newspaper needs to cover more hometown events

Dear editor,

I discontinued my subscription awhile back when Baxter Black’s column was nixed. I still buy an occasional Wednesday edition or look at the website. Not long ago when I stopped to get a paper another customer commented that he was surprised the front page photos were not of local prisoners. Yes, crime has a place on the front page, but so do other area events.

There are lots of events that are worth coverage but just seen to fall through the cracks. One of those events was held recently.

The Parker Sheriff’s Posse just had its 8th Annual Ranch Rodeo. Kudos to the posse for a job well done. I have only missed one of the rodeos but I can tell you that they get better every year. The cowboys from area ranches compete by exhibiting their everyday working skills in the hopes of maybe winning a little pocket change or better yet, “braggin’ rights.” Chuckwagon “cookies” also compete in the hopes of their wagon serving up a winning dish in the Meat, Beans, Bread or Dessert categories. They also compete for Best Overall Wagon. Congrats to Haven Snow and his Ming Bend Cattle Co. wagon. Mr. Snow also dishes out an excellant apple pie. My guess would be that you may have never enjoyed a meal from a chuckwagon. For a mere $10, the public was able to enjoy a meal from one or all of the wagons. They were all winners.

This year’s event also included a cavalry demonstration and a mounted shooting competition. I missed the cavalry demo but thoroughly enjoyed the cowboy mounted shooting put on by members of the local “Texas Smokin” Guns. Thumbs up for this new addition. This year’s event was accompanied by great weather and concluded with a great concert by the Thieving Birds. Even though the crowds were small, I believe everyone there had a great time. Too bad our local paper gave the folks involved no coverage. There is a lot of history surrounding the ranches and chuckwagons that participated. I am sure you or one of your reporters could sit down with one of these “cookies” or “cowboys” and get some material for an excellent front page story. I know that my hometown newspaper the Big Bend Sentinel (award winning, I might mention) and the neighboring Alpine Avalanche have great coverage and support the Big Bend Ranch Rodeo held every August.

If I might borrow from an area paper, cheers to the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse, jeers again to the Weatherford Democrat.

Jesse Chavez,