Weatherford Democrat

October 4, 2012

Letters to the editor, Thursday, Oct. 4


— Environmental protection is important for us all

Dear editor,

Environmental protection is perhaps one of the most important agencies in the United States. Recently, I heard a prominent pastor talking about the natural beauty of nature in Eastern Appalachia in Kentucky and Western Virginia. I understand how he feels.

However, what he failed to mention was what the mountain top removal for coal has done to that once healthful area. What one cannot see from a distance is revealed by residents and homeowners who live in the Appalachian Mountains area. Once-fresh water streams have been polluted by the runoff of strip mining and the leveling of mountain tops in pursuit of coal. Underground wells in places where residents live have also been made undrinkable.

As yet, there is no such thing as clean coal. Although that term is politically used to keep coal mining going, mining poisons the soil, water and pollutes the air.

Many inhabitants experience respiratory ailments and even lung diseases that result in a terminal diagnosis in humans. Aside from that, animals and fish in those streams have greatly suffered due to  deregulation efforts for years now by right-wing politicians.

Here in Weatherford, Texas, our drinking water is constantly under threat. Lake Weatherford being our drinking water reservoir is also a recreational swimming area for visitors with motor boats, which require oil and gas and is certainly a health concern for residents.

Our officials over the years, who have provided other local towns with our reservoir water supply, has severely affected our ability for water usage in dry months. Weatherford lake spillway “return back pipeline,” was constructed a number of years ago from Lake Benbrook. Now Benbrook’s water level becomes lower even before Lake Weatherford’s — mainly because Lake Benbrook also serves Fort Worth.

Another threat to water in Weatherford is the litter debris and trash that remains in local creeks here, and streams feeding into Lake Weatherford. Creek pollution also works its way into our water ponds and ground water.

Our local and city leaders need to address all of these issues.

Buying bottled water, which many times comes from tap water somewhere else, is another scam.

Because of greed in the political system in the United States and Texas, 98 percent of the people are at risk from corporate polluters whose resistance to regulation benefits them, and the 2 percent with massive money profits. Is there anyone else out there concerned with this reality?

Darwin Yeary,

Chairman of Adopt A Country Road