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March 21, 2014

KELLY: What do you think?

Weatherford Democrat


Fine dining

Fine dining was really not difficult to find back in the ’30s and ’40s. Today it is almost impossible to find that type of restaurant.

Recently, I saw an ad by Ruth’s Chris Steak House advertising a three-course dinner for somewhere around $32. This is one of the better restaurants in this area and they are making a big deal out of a three-course dinner. Let me tell you what it was like back then!

A nice restaurant, not one in a hotel, would have the table set with a cloth table cloth, cloth napkins, the proper amount of silver and a cream and sugar set. Upon being seated, the waitress would bring water in a nice glass — not plastic — the menu and assorted dinner rolls.

After your selection of an entrée and beverage, the dinner would begin with a shrimp cocktail, followed by a cup of soup of your choice. Then you would be served the salad and next the entree with a small serving of sherbet. Dessert, always included, was then served. The entire dinner was served on good china and stem ware. The food was served hot and not cooled while some chef made the dinner plate a work of art. A proper amount of time was allowed between each course.

We can’t compare the cost of dinner 70 years ago with the cost today, but just so you know, a dinner as I described would only cost $1.25 to $3. Today we get plastic everything, no spoons and small, thin paper napkins and sometimes an entire dinner served on one plate. Which was better, then or now? What do you think?

Interesting facts

• In 1803, a Maryland farmer designed the first refrigerator. It was a cedar tub lined with tin and insulated with rabbit skins.

• In the 1850s, Levi (Loeb) Straus went to gold-rich California and took some canvas cloth with him. He saw that the miners needed a sturdy pair of work pants. He had some made from his canvas cloth and they were an immediate success. Cowboys also loved them. His ad ran as follows: “All over the west they wear Levi Straus and Co’s copper riveted overalls.” Today they are pretty much the same design. What do you think?

Walking on water

Capt. Charles W. Oldrieve left Pittsburgh, Pa., on Jan. 1, 1907, and walked on water with his wife beside him in a rowboat. He walked the 1,600 miles to New Orleans in 40 days, arriving on Feb. 10, 1907, and won a bet of $5,000.


In this Lenten season, it is a good thing to remember that we Christians live to die and die to live.

The Tea Party

The Tea Party members do not have the seeking of power on their agenda. It does want to become a leader in conservatism and preserving the American Constitution. One of its major efforts, as I understand it, is to find and back candidates who are conservative and will govern as the constitution requires; the original constitution of 1787, not some “living constitution” as liberals and some Republicans refer to it.

People and governments today are no different than they were in 1887. The writers of the Constitution foresaw what is happening today in the United States and the world, and wrote it in such a way as to prevent politicians from passing illegal laws. They also provided a way to amend the constitution if the states thought it to be necessary. We really need candidates who, when they become congressman or senators, will abide by the Constitution and vote only for laws that do the same. We all face the loss of our liberties if this is not done. To help keep our liberties is a good agenda. What do you think?

Theatre Off The Square

Known as TOTS, this theatre is run by 50 volunteer guild members. They produce wonderful plays. The present one is “Nunsense,” directed by Darla Robinson, and she has a wonderful cast.

I attended last Saturday’s performance and laughed from the beginning to the end. It is a musical comedy and the singing was very, very good. The performances are on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m., and runs through March 30. If you want a fun night out, attend one of the performances, and I guarantee you will really enjoy it. It’s all in good fun! What do you think?

William Kelly is a Weatherford resident and frequent contributor to Viewpoints.