Weatherford Democrat

September 24, 2012

COLUMN: Government needs to focus on people, achieve more

Lonnie Williams

— “Reductio ad absurdum – We Must Have Laws or Otherwise Chaos and Anarchy Prevail.”

The statement above argues that the denial of the assertion will have a ridiculous result, against the evidence of our common senses. Another person would argue that the denial would have an untenable result: unacceptable, unworkable or unpleasant for society. What have we witnessed in the last few days across the world — due in  part to our foreign policy of appeasement — certain countries hate Americans and everything we stand for regardless of how much Obama apologizes! I for one cannot take it anymore; my writing has laid silent as I let the absurdity of the Democrats words do my work for me. This latest international event was a tipping point for me and millions of Americans as we watched in horror as our ambassador was murdered in a Muslim country. Then we had to suffer through the mumbo jumbo of uncoordinated statements from our disjointed government. The first thing we heard — apologies from this administration to the protestors, who by the way are not protestors but extremists attacking American embassies — which for the uninformed is an attack on America soverenity. Regardless I’m sure the next “foreign aid” payments will make their way to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, et al.

So how is the great Muslim spring and your great inaugural apology tour working out for you Mr. Obama? I use the address of Mister as in the past tense as America will come to its senses and remove this person from the White House. He does say in his own words when the ill winds blow he will stand with his Muslim brothers — hey don’t blame me; read his books! These musings did not start out as a statement on this administration’s lack of foreign policy — history intervened and is unfolding in the news as I write this article, you be your own judge.

I was going for one more effort to persuade anyone on the left with an ounce of common sense to read the tea leaves and help save our country and our way of life. How much more denial do the fence sitters have left in them or the “undecided” voters — what do they need to see or hear before they decide Obama had his chance and failed miserably? As millions of fellow Americans, I am outraged by the left’s unbelievable arrogance and disdain for “We The People.” Despite our screaming “no” from the rooftops, they forced legislation down our throats and used executive fiat to go around Congress to further their goal of having as many Americans as possible dependent on the government thus controlling our lives and fulfilling Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America.

A few frequent contributors to this paper rail against big business, big oil, big gas and the big corporate elite (whoever they are) and secret Republican snooping squads  that control electronic voting machines — yes I have it on good authority they can intercept Democrat votes in midair and change them before they can be counted! So be warned, Mr. Yeary, and please notify the elections board in your precinct of this fact! These people love Obama’s uncontrolled growth of big government! They must be proud over the achievement that 47 million people are now on food stamps. Sadly, many of us see that as a national tragedy not something to be proud of.

If the old saying is true that ignorance is bliss, then 45 percent of our population remain totally ignorant if you believe the polls. That is the approximate number of people who say they support Obama even though no jobs are being created, no consistent economic growth, three years of more than 8 percent unemployment; even this week’s bad employment numbers were blamed on hurricane Isaac. Pretty soon they have to run out of people and things to blame — then what? Trillions in deficits, green industry loan fraud, cronyism on a grand scale and they want to re-elect this guy? There is no record to run on; sure they can cherry pick a few things, but even then if you drill down to the facts there is still no solid ground on which to re-build our economy — hope and change is now smear and fear the Romney and Ryan ticket.

I can’t be the only one asking this question: How did our government move so far from the norm of doing the country’s business to this angry, vitriolic infighting with absurd lies flying in the face of reality when the facts are so easy to discern with little effort? Where is the Democratic Party of our parents and grandparents that stood up for and with the working class ensuring the Friday paychecks my Dad worked so hard for would keep coming? How were they co-opted by the Hollywood and political elite? Then there are “environmentalists” along with every extreme America hating group under the sun — the delegates at the DNC Convention who want to ban all corporate profits? You can’t make this up — it’s on YouTube.

Lloyd Marcus, a prominent black conservative columnist, asked this question in a recent but albeit controversial article: Could a white president have so successfully pulled off shredding the Constitution to further such a radical agenda? Ironically, proving America is completely the opposite of the evil racist country they relentlessly  accuse her of being, progressives used America’s goodness, guilt and sense of fair play against her. In their quest to destroy America as we know it, progressives borrowed a brilliant scheme from Greek mythology. They offered up a modern day Trojan Horse, a handsome crafted black man as a presidential candidate — a person we still know very little about.

Even old Joe “Lunchbox” Biden our beloved gaffe prone VP once joked that Obama was the first clean and articulate African-American candidate and everyone in the room just chuckled; the same hesitant laugh he received just a few weeks ago when he said Republicans would put blacks back in chains if elected! An ugly attempt at humor from a sitting vice president and y’all just laughed it off because it was just good old Joe. What in the world would have happened if Paul Ryan had used that analogy in any of his speeches? That will never happen because Mr. Ryan is above that nonsense, an articulate student of good government and he knows we are heading off a fiscal cliff on entitlement spending and has the numbers to prove it down cold. You may not like everything he has to say, but he is honest and open to dialogue — I can’t wait for the Ryan/Biden debates, old Lunchbox Joe better call in sick.

Sorry I digress, back to White America and the opportunity to vote for a black man naively believing we would never suffer the pain of being called racist again. If anything the race bating has increased ten-fold since 2008. Just a guess on my part, but that is all you really need in the Democrat playbook — don’t need no stinking facts man just keep tossing it on the wall until it sticks and people will believe it.

Continuing on, Americans embraced the progressive’s young, handsome, articulate and so-called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from the accusation of being a racist nation. With the election secure, a secret door opened, a raging army charged out and without mercy, they began their vicious slaughter of every value, freedom and institution we Americans hold dear; launching the end of America as we know it. They are not done and have made great strides, but one of those darn elections has gotten in the way. This is where we stop them — our Valley Forge!

It is not secret I am a conservative patriot as are my friends, family and co-workers and we do not give a hoot about Obama’s skin color or anyone’s for that matter! We deeply love our country, but oppose his radical agenda. So stop with the race card crap already — it is not an issue for me and many Americans; it only becomes an issue when the Democrats get backed into a corner and have no answers and no plans. But I do have an issue with the double standard so well played by some. No second thought is given to the names Col. Allen West is called by the left; a brilliant African-American, a decorated patriot, retired Army officer and Congressional leader. Not a peep, even from the NAACP as one of their own is viciously denigrated — what’s up with that? We have had enough of that nonsense too!

Personally I want a president who can put America back to work again, a resolute president with a strong spine, leadership qualities, business acumen and above all a deep seated love of his country, including its freedoms and exceptionalism!

 Unfortunately that can only come from being raised in the contiguous United States, embracing the heritage of this country’s humble beginnings, its rich and, yes, sometimes sad history all instilled and taught by your parents who hopefully immersed you in its history and culture — none of this applies to Obama’s upbringing. History will not be kind to Barack Obama.

Now in closing, remember to register if you are not already. Even if this is your first time to vote it will be the most important vote you will ever cast. Don’t forget to obtain a photo ID! Do not believe those fear mongers who say a photo ID is meant to keep Democrats from voting — Republicans can’t vote without an ID either, duh! It is meant to prevent voter fraud, period. In fact, one of the largest blue states that is solidly Democratic for the moment (hopefully that will change) and sorry to say my home state of Pennsylvania passed a voter identification law. They are easy to get; many civic organizations will get you to a place to obtain a photo ID card. Church groups are also helpful in this regard. Having a photo ID is a way of life now and much more easy to function with one than without. God Bless America.

Lonnie Williams is a guest columnist who lives in Weatherford.