Weatherford Democrat

October 4, 2012

COLUMN: Columnist offers another round of "What do you think?"

William J. Kelly

— About: Andy Williams

The wonderful singer and entertainer Andy Williams died last week at the age of 84. One of the disadvantages of living too long — I’m 92 years young — is that most of your old friends have passed on. That fact also applies to the entertainers of my younger years — Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Elvis, Helen O’Connell, Rosemary Clooney and many other great singers have all gone to their reward. I last saw Andy Williams in 2010 at his Moon River theater in Branson, Mo. The singer, songwriter and pianist Petula Clark was his guest performer. Andy was in great voice and did 80 percent of the show. Of course, he sang his signature song “Moon River” and it was as great as ever. The greatest tribute to Andy Williams and the other performers mentioned above is that the TV media still shows their reruns; their skills unsurpassed. What do you think?

About: The Middle Class

The media insists on playing up the so-called middle class earnings and tax problems. I find it difficult to feel sorry for a class of people earning $50,000 to $200,000 a year who have mismanaged their finances so as to be now broke and homeless, and are now back living with their hard-working, money-saving parents. These parents probably never bought a super expensive home or went on very expensive vacations. They put their money into savings and retirement funds. They are now bailing out their children. Class distinction is a European way of describing people’s status in life. In our country, you do not belong to a certain class, an individual can belong to any status in life that he desires and is willing to work hard to get. I do not think we should divide people into poor, middle class or rich categories. What do you think?

About: The Family

I read in The Daily Reader about the difference in what the writer’s husband considers a family and in what she considered one. Her husband thought it was the nuclear family consisting of a husband, wife and children. She disagreed and said a family was the husband, wife, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. The husband was shocked when she invited her family for Sunday dinner. I agree with the writer. What do you think?

About: Election News

News people, both written and broadcasters, have taken over the November election. All that we read in the metro papers, hear on radio and TV or see on the computers is not either candidates’ words but a few excerpts and the author’s opinion. On television news, we see a picture of either candidate talking, as if in a silent movie, and the news anchor talking over him and, of course, ending with his opinion. How can we citizens decide who to vote for when the media does not let us hear exactly what each candidates’ program is about? What do you think?

About: Voting

Christians and Jews who know and practice their religion could not possibly vote for any candidate who favors abortion, gay marriage, interfering with complete religious freedom and also wants the elimination of programs to help reform those people who think they have gay tendencies. Practicing Christians and Jews would have a difficult moral decision to make before voting for a candidate who favors those objectives. What do you think?