Weatherford Democrat

February 13, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: It doesn’t make sense

It doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor,

We release terrorists from prison, and they go back and join up with the Taliban. We put our soldiers in prison for killing the wrong man. The enemy that we fight now is hard to identify. There was a time when combatants wore uniforms, and it was easy to identify the enemy. The treatment of Col. Allen West is enough to make one question the motives of those in charge of our military.

I have received many requests for donations to help pay legal fees to defend those who were defending our freedom. Why should we care what the liberals think? If it weren’t for the American soldier, those good folks might not be exercising their freedom of speech. Have you noticed that cuts in military retirement pay is considered as a way to save money? It is seldom mentioned that those who sit in plush government offices get less benefits.

In my opinion the military personnel serve a greater service to this nation than new IRS agents to help screw up health care. There is confusion about how much will be spent, but I can reasonably assure you that it will be much more than estimated. North Carolina cut back unemployment benefits and the unemployment rate started going down. According to Gov. Scott Walker, of Wisconsin, the treasury has a $977 million surplus and he wants to give Wisconsin citizens a tax cut. I believe that you can rest assured, that Democrats will have a walleyed fit, because a tax cut is like showing Dracula a cross.

Isn’t it strange that nearly $8 trillion dollars have been spent and unemployment is still too high. When the subsidies are figured out for your health-care plan you can work part time, you can follow your dreams. Some folks are working at jobs that they detest, but work there to retain health care insurance. They can now work one job and get a subsidy, but will have to be careful to make sure they don’t make too much and have to refund the subsidy. There will be some who will have to work three jobs to pay for health care because they make too much money. Can you explain to me why Obama care is supported by a tax one time and as a penalty another?

If the IRS didn’t abuse the conservatives who applied for the tax exemptions, why did Lois Lerner invoke the Fifth Amendment and retire if there is not even a smidgen of corruption?

Killing bald eagles is just fine, if you are operating a wind farm. You might be surprised to know that an eagle killed by a wind-powered generator is just a dead eagle. If you are a farmer in the San- Joaquin Valley in California, the delta smelt minnow is much more important than your livelihood.

You hear that the drought in California is the worst ever. The truth of the matter is that it is mostly manmade. The farmers were dependent on irrigation waters to water their crops, but the dictators have placed the delta smelt above the production of food. The valley is one of the most productive areas in the country, but without the irrigation water it is virtually worthless. You can thank big government and the empty heads who think they know best.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford

Teen Court volunteer supports Johnson

Dear Editor,

Please re-elect Lynn Johnson for Parker County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace.

Judge Johnson has been the driving force behind the Parker County Teen Court Program where kids with Class C misdemeanors have the option of going through Teen Court and keeping tickets off of their records.

This is good for the kids in trouble as well as the community because they perform community service instead of paying fines. It is a great program that I have been involved with for several years, giving me real world experience of the judicial system and courtroom and has allowed me to serve as a jury member, bailiff and attorney.

Judge Johnson is the only judge in Parker County who is passionate about the teen court program taking time out of her personal life to support the volunteers, opening her courtroom and giving defendants a second chance and opportunity to make something good out of a bad situation.

Keegan Hayes, Parker County Teen Court student volunteer