Weatherford Democrat

February 19, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader gives reason for supporting McKay

Weatherford Democrat

— Dear Editor,

My name is Brent Glover. My family and I have lived here in Weatherford for about 17 years.

We have raised six children here and have been very blessed to be a part of this community. We will be voting for Cary McKay and here is why.

While out yesterday to get my haircut I pulled into the Target/Lowes center. Sitting right in front of me at the Target entrance was this large panel truck with U.S. flags flying and a large advertisement to re-elect Judge Mark Riley. It struck me as a little odd and out of place.

So I decided I would call Target. I asked for the manager. I asked if Target was recommending a candidate in the election. She stated that they were not. That it was against their company policy to allow that type of advertising and that she would get her security folks to take a look at the situation and get it resolved.

She was very kind and very emphatic that this was done without their permission and that it would not be tolerated. I went over to get my haircut and watched. Sure enough a few minutes later someone showed up and moved the truck.

Well to my surprise the truck moved over to the Lowes center. It went back and forth and all around trying to find a spot. Sure enough it was parked right at the main entrance over by the portable buildings near the entrance at S. Main.

I completed my haircut and then went to the Lowes store and asked for the manager. I asked the manager if they allowed this type of advertising. He was extremely kind and respectful and was very solid about the fact that Lowes policies do not allow this type of advertising, that this was done without their permission and that he would handle it accordingly. Last I saw he was gathering info from the side of the truck.

Big deal about nothing! Yeah, that is kind of how it seems. But when you look deeper I believe it makes a very big statement about the differences in the two candidates that are vying to lead Parker County into the future.

It is the attitude. It is an arrogance. I know if I ask permission what the answer will be: “I’m the Big Dog around here and I don’t have to obey the laws and rules that the rest of ya’ll have to. I don’t ask permission, I do it because I can.”

Being in real estate I see this every election cycle. There are those candidates who ask permission to hang signs and there are those who think it’s their right to hang a sign wherever they want. There are those who clean up their signs when the election is over and those who put it on the landowner to take their signs down. It’s a way of thinking.

There are a couple other stories like this with this same candidate and another candidate they endorse, one on Fort Worth Highway where the business owner removed two signs from his property that were there without his permission.

What other property rights will this candidate take from you if it serves his interest? If they are that willing to ignore what they know to be true to serve themselves, in what other areas are they taking advantage of others and our friends to get what they want? I don’t know about you but that subtle disrespect for me and the rights of others is a character trait that I don’t want in the men and women that lead me and my community into the future.

Brent Glover, Weatherford