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January 3, 2013

Letter to the Editor – Jan. 3, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Lack of prayer in schools not to blame

Dear Editor,

Time for a reality check. I would like to talk about “removing prayer from public schools.”

I am a teacher and I pray before I enter every class. Anyone in any school can pray. No one can force me to pray nor can I force anyone to pray. If a student misbehaves and fails a class, it is not the government’s fault, it is not society’s fault, it is not the teacher’s fault, it is not because he couldn’t pray in school, it is because he didn’t listen in class, take notes, study or maybe his parents didn’t teach him discipline, respect for learning and the importance of an education.  

The young man who took a gun from the arsenal his mother had collected killed 20 innocent children and six dedicated, amazing adults was home schooled, taught to shoot and mentally ill. Where do we put the blame – because there was no Ten Commandments on the door of the school?

With freedom comes responsibility. Children are a reflection of their home. Children are a blank slate and must be taught the Ten Commandments, taught respect for others and taught to love – in the home!

It is difficult for me to imagine anyone thinking guns are not the problem. We can’t cure mental illness tomorrow, next week or next month. We have 32 murders with guns every day in our country. We have the highest murder rate with guns in the world! We have almost as many guns in our country as people. That is over 300 million! A Japanese man rushed into an elementary class room with a knife and injured many children. No one died! Japan has one of the most stringent gun laws in the world.

A man was interviewed on TV and said “why must I be punished and not be able to buy an assault weapon. I am a hunter.” That is craziness! 

One letter mentioned that a zombie movie made over $77 million dollars. If we don’t buy tickets to violent movies, we don’t have violent movies. It is the law of supply and demand. Do parents pay attention to what their children are seeing and doing?

“The depravity of the human heart” means you are not taking responsibility for your children and teaching them the joy of a giving, productive life. We read in the media almost every day of parents abusing their children. Perhaps they were abused as children.

That is the vicious cycle and it will manifest itself in some way, some time in their life. The Columbine tragedy was by two young men from upper class homes. They drove BMW’s to school and their parents did not know their sons had an arsenal in their home.

If you want your children to know the Ten Commandments, to pray, be responsible citizens, teach them in your home! Take responsibility for your children and teach them to take responsibility for themselves!

Nancy Harris, Weatherford