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January 11, 2013

COMMENTARY: Stories I read or heard

Weatherford Democrat


Yippy! Happy New Year!

I just read that the 0.3 mile section of South Main Street being rebuilt will be finished and opened in February after being closed one year. Then the other half begins construction and more delays.

I know that keeping one half of a street open causes inefficient construction time but have the people in charge of contracts considered requiring two- or three-shift work days? I would think that longer work days would cut the construction time by more than half. I’m sure the merchants and drivers would really appreciate more consideration in the planning of these difficult repair jobs.

I read that 70 percent of Hispanic Catholic voters voted for Obama for president. It appears they do not believe the Catholic church’s teaching on birth control or abortion. That vote leads us to believe that they are Catholics in name only; a bad thing for the country.

A while back I read that a bank robber gave the bank teller a note demanding money. He was captured quickly because the note had his address on it. A good New Year’s resolution for a would be bank robber might be: “I will not in 2013 give a bank teller a note demanding money with my address on it.”

I was introduced to Roquefort cheese in the officer’s dining hall at the air base in Sioux City, Iowa. It so happened that our chef there came from the Waldorf Astoria hotel. I grew out of my uniforms while there.

I knew nothing about Roquefort cheese until I read about it in the Mental Floss magazine. Legend has it that a shepherd left his lunch in a cave to chase after a beautiful woman. Months later he returned to the cave very hungry to find his cheese moldy but he ate it anyway and found it delicious. The cheese is still made in those caves under Mont Cambalou in southern France. Ah, romance! Who knows what it will bring forth.

Is our government treating our elderly citizens fairly? I think not. The retired elderly were denied a cost of living increase on their Social Security for two years and now there is talk of dropping that increase all together. I recently received an email that said the federal government gave away in aid $91.3 billion to countries that hate us. Senior citizens, living on fixed incomes, which reduces in value with inflation received no additional aid. Republicans and Democrats are responsible for this giveaway. I have always heard that “charity begins at home” but evidently that does not apply to the federal government, at least as far as American senior citizens are concerned.

I read in a Star-Telegram article by Lauren Ennis, titled “Easy Does It,” that for you to live a healthier life style in 2013 that among other things we should “make love more often.” The article says that our body has more than 600 muscles and during sex we use them all.

According to Patti Britton’s book “The Art of Sex Coaching” the benefits of sex is that this work out puts us in a better mood, gives us a stronger immune system and leaves us with glowing, younger-looking skin. I would recommend making that New Year’s resolution to make love more often; I am 100 percent sure that that is one resolution every one will keep.

I am 92 years old so I only made one resolution for 2013. That one is to be around to sip some bubbly on New Year’s Eve 2014.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

William J. Kelly is a resident of Weatherford and a frequent contributor to Viewpoints.