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May 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor – May 2, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Stasey backed in Annetta council race

Dear Editor,

I have to say that Kent Stasey is THE person to vote for in the upcoming election for Annetta City Council (place 5).

Kent will represent the needs of the people in Annetta and the community as well. He is a great family man who believes in getting the job done right the first time. Whenever my family has a question about something – Kent is the person we contact. Even if it is a simple as “Who should we get to paint our house?”

I am not a voter for Annetta (wish I was – I am in the non-annexed portion), but would highly recommend those that are to vote – Kent Stasey. My hopes are be that with a leader like Kent Stasey, we will see changes in our water system, road improvements and a voice that is professional.

I have always said that I don’t get into politics, but I will for Kent Stasey. I know that he will be a person of integrity and sound reason on the Annetta City Council. For those who are my voice and can vote – Kent Stasey is a brand you can trust!

Staci Smith, Aledo

Writer backs Newkirk

Dear Editor,

In early 2011, it was necessary to sell my father’s property in Millsap due to his confinement to a nursing home.

During the surveying process, problems were discovered with boundary lines that were formed on “hand-shake” agreements but were not properly documented. This greatly impacted the sale of his property.

Philip Newkirk worked closely with me to resolve these issues fairly and promptly. He recognized my dilemma and extended consideration to me in his fees. The sale of the property was quickly realized.

I believe these same qualities of patience, attentiveness and compassion can be used as a Weatherford ISD board member, and I believe he can supply the balance needed between the long-term needs of the students and the financial capabilities of the taxpayers.

Jerry Youngblood, Weatherford

Writer opposed to public voting inside schools

Dear Editor,

The Weatherford ISD and the powers that be are opening up all of our schools today in an attempt to try to sway the teachers to vote for this upcoming bond. While the fact that a $107 million bond is completely outrageous, opening up our schools and hindering the safety of our children is even more ludicrous.

A recent USA Today article dated March 10 and entitled “Schools close doors to voters for safety,” highlights the fact that after horrific tragedies such as Newtown, most schools are doing the right thing by not allowing voting to take place on school campuses during school hours.

Are our school officials and the board of trustees really that eager to try and pass a bond that they are willing to sacrifice our children’s safety in order to do so? Opening school doors for elections is like opening the door to the hen house with a fox convention outside! Hopefully something like Newtown never happens again and most of us do become overprotective after events like that occur. However, I would much rather be overprotective than completely blinded by sheer greed in order to pass a stupid bond.

This blatant disregard for student safety should shed light on the mindset of our school board and administrators. It seems that their only concern is the almighty dollar and what they can build with it. They should be more concerned about protecting and nurturing our students educational endeavors instead of looking at what grand monuments they can build with $107 million!

Vote against the school bond on May 11!


Tad Davis, Weatherford

Re-elect Charlie Martinez

Dear Editor,

I have known Charlie Martinez as a friend and business associate for over 20 years. Over half that time he has served on the WISD school board. Because of our close association, I have witnessed first hand the passion and commitment Charlie has for education and the WISD.

It shows in the many hours he spends on school board business. Other than the regular meetings, of which he has almost perfect attendance, missing only when he was recovering from brain surgery, he is always willing to step away from his business for a few hours and sometimes a couple of days to attend meetings, award ceremonies, continuing education classes, etc. or just visit with a concerned citizen who has stopped by his tailor shop. And anytime Charlie sets down his sewing needle, his business stops.

I know Charlie as well as anyone. His only agenda is to work to provide the best education possible for all WISD students. I’m not voting for him because he is my friend. I’m voting for him because he has the experience, knowledge of public education issues, and selflessness that we need on our school board. Please join me in re-electing Charlie to another term.

Bill Mendrop, Weatherford