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May 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor – May 10, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Health Foundation thankful for donation

Dear Editor,

Parker County Health Foundation would like to thank the lady who visited our office last week and made a donation to the Foundation. Although your name is unknown, your kindness is greatly appreciated. This donation will go toward PCHF’s project of providing health services to those in need in Parker County.

Parker County Health Foundation provides assistance with medical and dental needs through our Community partners that include Careity Foundation, Manna, Center of Hope, the Committee on Aging, Child Protective Services, Freedom House, Dental Health of Parker County and Kingdom Smiles to provide mammography screening, prescriptions, palliative care, professional therapy, nutritional supplements, drug screening, medical and dental services.

For additional information on PCHF, please call 817-594-1990 or visit our website at

Thank you,

Donna Kirkpatrick, executive director, Parker County Health Foundation

America’s political influence has deep European roots

Dear Editor,

Would you believe the current American political parties were probably originated by the Roman Empire’s invasion of Great Britain. This country was originally settled mostly by colonists from Great Britain. The first groups came from Southern England and the later arrivals from Ireland/ Scotland.

The Roman Empire conquered everything from Southern England to the Rhine River. The Romans brought the concept of elected representatives with a strong central government, which they had expropriated from the Greeks. They also brought Greek architecture, roads, bridges, libraries, and city living. However, they did not conquer just for the fun of it. They evaluated each country to see if its people and natural resources were worth the cost of military invasion. They never considered Northern Great Britain (Scotland) and Ireland of great enough value to justify the expense of occupation.

As a result, the people of Ireland and Scotland were not exposed to the vastly superior Roman government, technology and social order. For hundreds of years after the Romans left Great Britain, Scotland/ Ireland lagged behind Southern England in almost every aspect of government, industrial and social progress.

The first American colonists came from the more advanced England and other western European countries, which had also been occupied by the Romans. In the mid 1800s famine and dissatisfaction caused millions of Scottish/ Irish to migrate to America. They were not well received and many moved on to the Southeastern U.S. where they continued a clannish anti-government social order, much as they had is Scotland and Ireland. They enlarged slavery and agriculture, but again lagged far behind the North in education, industrialization and social progress.

This societal difference became obvious during the Civil War when the South was overwhelmed by the North’s superior arms industry and transportation system. For a hundred years after the Civil War, the South did not educate its people for an industrial society.

The Great Depression and World War II took millions of young people out of the south and showed them a different way of living. Many migrated to the upper Midwest and the West Coast.

To this day, political philosophy in the South lags behind the Northeast and the West Coast. Every progressive action by government such as the abolition of slavery, woman suffrage and civil rights has been opposed by the states of the old Confederacy. The people of the South have paid dearly for their resistance to change. Wages, living standards and levels of education still lag behind the rest of the country.

The 2,000 years of Scot/Irish resistance to Rome, the English Crown and American central government has cost much and achieved little. If it were not for northern immigration to the south and the vast oil and gas fields of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana the South would still be just one big Alabama/Mississippi.

The South is changing. Education is the primal force for progress. National and international communication systems are exposing southerners to new ideas and attitudes. However, you can still see the Southern preference for dogma over fact, in the extremely conservative broadcasters and writers, who greatly profit from their promotion of one conspiracy theory after another. The south continues to resist federal taxation in spite of the fact that they receive more federal aid and benefits that the rest of the country.

An excellent example is the new national healthcare law. Southern middle class and poor will get a huge insurance cost subsidy from the rest of the country, but still they resist any change initiated by a central government. However, I expect once the new law is fully implemented, it will become as valued as Social Security and Medicare are today.

The differences in societal progress can also be seen in Eastern Europe, which also was never occupied by the Romans. Russia did not experience the Renaissance, Reformation and the Industrial Revolution for hundreds of years after the west. Even today, Russia lags behind the West in representative government and social mobility.

It seems incredible that one nation could change the history of Europe and America for two thousand years, but it is undeniable.


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford