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November 16, 2012

Letters to the editor, Friday, Nov. 16

— Weatherford Electric deserves thanks for service

Dear editor,

From time to time, you must simply say “Thanks.”

I’m speaking of Weatherford Electric and the exceptional service the city department has provided to my family for the past many years.

Most of us remember the Super Bowl in Dallas not too long ago and the television coverage of the ice storm that engulfed everyone in this area. There were scenes of black-outs and brown-outs in cities and towns all over North Texas, but at my home there was the comforting sound of the heater cycling on again and again just as the house began to cool down. I would go outside to try to clear the driveway or to look for the pet cat, get cold, then go inside and warm myself and watch with great concern the television reports of people who were forced to go to community centers or malls just to feel what I was feeling at home in Weatherford, wonderful warm air. During that terrible cold spell there was not so much as a flicker in the power delivery to my home and not once did I need to reset the clocks or the computer.

That winter was followed by one of the hottest summers on record. I have intentionally forgotten the number of 100 degree days we endured but I do recall coming in from the heat and watching television news reports of black-outs and brown-outs and then I would hear the most welcoming sound I could imagine at the time — the sound of the compressor clicking on followed by cool air wafting throughout the house. During that summer, there was not so much as a flicker in the power delivery to my house and not once did I need to reset the clocks or the computer.

I suppose I should mention that several moths ago there was a lightning strike somewhere nearby and the nearest transformer suffered a tripped circuit breaker. I called the problem in to Weatherford Electric and while we were waiting, Yvonne decided it was a good time to take in a movie, as the house was beginning to warm. We did so and when we returned the electricity was on and the house was cool and comfortable again. Then several weeks ago, someone ran into the utility pole near the house and split the pole from top to bottom. Weatherford Electric replaced the pole, had the power off for the briefest time and then the neighborhood was back to normal.

I know very little about electrical power, the creation of it, storage or transmission, but I do know the city department known as Weatherford Electric has done right by me. I have had the opportunity to speak to Ms. (Sharon) Hays (assistant city manager) at the city about my family’s satisfaction and I wish to say the same to all who work at Weatherford Electric. The word “thanks” seems little enough, but in my attempts to show gratitude, I hope it will suffice.

John W. Hale,


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