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March 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor - March 15, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Frightening consequences

Dear Editor,

The long reach of the Unaffordable Care Act that I affectionately like to call it has touched my family with a chilling effect.

I wrote a letter to the editor recently as a counterpoint to those who worship at Obama’s alter and support the Obamanation (pardon the pun) called the Affordable Care Act.

By now most of America has realized the exact opposite of “affordable” is true. This is the largest, most costly fraud ever foisted upon the great people of this country. The latest count is 26 new taxes on everything from medical devices to individual health plans, which on average have risen a whopping 20 percent! The total monetary estimate is around $1 trillion dollars – double the original estimate. This fact comes from the Joint Committee on Taxation Estimates, prepared by Ways and Means Committee Staff.

For all low-information voters out there actual facts and figures are not that hard to find, instead of falling for the propaganda from this regime. This week I heard from my younger brother, who is a small business owner in Pennsylvania, a painting contractor who is driven to be good at what he does and has grown his business every year for the last eight years, hiring new employees every one of those years and now employing 62 people. On Monday he met with his company’s health-care provider and was told because of Obamacare his rate will be increasing 22 percent! This is unsustainable for his small business; his only options are to fire people, reduce their hours to part-time levels or pay the prohibitive fines for not providing healthcare.

His dedicated employees cannot live on part-time wages and without them he cannot grow his business. Whatever he chooses to do his business stops growing – is that the goal of an out-of-control government? It seems that the creation of another generation of takers is the goal regardless of the damage to the economy.

The country needs full-time employment to increase the tax base and grow the economy; the fastest growing segment in the country now is part-time employment and unemployment. The economy will never return to its robust state that would put a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot ... instead we have unemployment checks in millions of mail boxes!

Lonnie Williams, Weatherford

Things to ponder

Dear Editor,

The president said, “ I cant force a budget deal, I’m not a dictator.”

Could have fooled me. He picks and chooses which laws that he wants to follow. He sues Arizona for enforcing immigration law, which is written to mirror the federal law. Contrary to what his administration claims, the border is not safer than it has ever been.

The president has told the justice department to ignore the Defense of Marriage Act. I was under the impression that the law would need to be changed by the legislative branch and signed by the president. The justice department is suing California for enacting Proposition Eight, which is an anti-same sex marriage law. There has been no concern over the legal use of marijuana in Washington and Colorado. I was under the impression that marijuana is illegal under federal law.

Picking and choosing which laws to enforce is what dictators do.

The president refuses to release his college transcripts. Do you wonder why? Is it possible that his grades are embarrassing, or could it be that he attended college as a foreign student?

Those who participate in the Head Start program do not show an advantage over those who did not. The Head Start program is part of the war on poverty, and has been in place since the presidency of Lyndon Johnson. In my opinion, all that it has accomplished is assuring there are more Democrat voters. The war on poverty has cost trillions of dollars and there are just as many poor folk, percentage wise, as there was before the program began.

Why are we cutting our military budget, and subsidizing the military of other countries that are not our friends? Why do we support the United Nations, when they vote against us most of the time?

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford