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March 6, 2013

Letter to the Editor - March 6, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Obama’s scare tactics

Dear Editor,

The sequester didn’t go the way Obama wanted it to, so now it’s the scare tactics to scare people about the government shut down, and the cuts in military and Head Start, and other cuts.

Who does he think he is? Yes, he is our president of the USA, but not a very good one. He will tell everyone that he is going to cut the budget and not raise the taxes, however he is not truthful when he says what he will do. It all sounded good until he was elected, after he was in office again his promises didn’t happen. Just maybe he needs to take a good look at how much money he and his wife spends: $9,000 on a dress to wear when she went to see the Pope, that seems to be a lot of money for one dress, but he feels that is OK, it’s not his money he is spending, oh how about all of the trips he takes whenever he feels like playing golf, or to fly anywhere else he wants to go.

If he was to take a good long look at how much they spend, and stop spending so much, maybe we wouldn't be in such a mess. He blames President Bush for the mess we are in, but he won't take the blame for all of his spending, to my understanding our country owes a lot more now then when President Bush was in office. I am so very disgusted with what he is doing to our country. We all need to take stand and let him know how we feel about what he is doing to our country, and if he can't be the president he should be then he needs to let someone else to take his place.

A very disgusted American.

Dana Stovall, Weatherford