Weatherford Democrat

October 19, 2012

Letters to the editor, Friday, Oct. 19


— Distant relative urges vote for King

Dear editor,

I want to toot the horn of our Texas Legislative District #61 House member, Mr. Phil King.   

Since 1998, he has led the way for solid conservative and value-oriented legislative service in a way that is excelled by few. He knows what good stewardship over government spending is, and he watches with diligence that we taxpayers are served in our best interests and in keeping with the best interests of Texas.

I do have to confess that I’m a relative! Yes, Phil’s wife, Terry, is my seventh cousin, twice removed. We’re both descended from Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford, co-author of the Mayflower Compact. That’s a fairly good conservative start! So, all of this is under the Theory of Relativity!

Early voting is just around the corner, and determined voters may express themselves early and quickly. I, for one, plan to vote on the first day of early voting! Join with me in voting for him for another successful term. As a committed Republican, I am pleased to support Phil King.

D. A. Sharpe,