Weatherford Democrat

October 26, 2012

Letters to the editor, Friday, Oct. 26


— Don’t vote for ESD in Millsap

Dear editor,

Voters in the Millsap area from Interstate 20 to Highway l80, all the western part of Parker County, will have two propositions to vote on at the bottom of their ballot on election day.

I hope you will vote against both of these propositions because we do not want to join the ESD 7 and have to pay taxes to this group at Greenwood.

They built a million dollar fire station and want us to help them pay for it.

And to you voters in the ESD 7 at Greenwood who will be asked to accept us Millsap folks on your ballot, please vote against it. We like all of you, but we would rather support our own Millsap Fire Department.

Some of you may find it interesting that voters living inside the city limits of Millsap and Cool are not allowed to vote on these propositions.

Helen Parks


The NJHS has changed

Dear editor,

I attended the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony the other night at the Shirley Hall Middle School. Boy, have things changed from when I saw my first honor society induction about 50 years ago. There were about 80 inductees there. I can’t remember there being more than three or four inductees at a time when I was in school. I don’t know what that means. Has the criteria or the students changed?

One thing is for sure, the racial and country of origin of many of the inductees have changed. There were kids of southeastern Asia, Asian subcontinent, Latin America, the Middle East and African ancestry. There have been many Asians among the high achievers for some time, but I found it very heartening to see significant numbers of Hispanic kids being recognized. And these kids weren’t of high born Spanish ancestry. They were the children of the Native American common people of Latin America, judging by their appearances.

I couldn’t help but notice that even the kids at this early stage in education are extremely similar to the gender and ethnic makeup of current college graduates. Not only have girls caught up with boys, they now have surpassed boys in educational achievement and college graduations. If this continues, for the first time in recorded history women will dominate government and industry in a few decades. Well done ladies.

The only negative aspect of the ceremony was the terrible auditorium sound system. It doesn’t make much sense to go to all the trouble of holding any mass meeting if the audience can’t understand the speakers, but other than the sound system, and a few rude men who wore hats and carried drinks into the auditorium, the audience was large and supportive. But boys, leave your hats in the car; everybody already knows you’re bald.

Dennis Tilly,