Weatherford Democrat

October 12, 2012

Letters to the editor, Friday, Oct. 12


— Why attack Iran and consider Israel an ally?

Dear editor,

I can’t figure out why everyone is so “gun ho” about attacking Iran. And, I can’t figure out why everyone considers Israel to be an ally and an asset.

On the first issue, the Iranian dictators enjoy being dictators. They will not upset the gravy train by trying to lob a nuke into Tel Aviv. Their belligerence is for domestic consumption. One merely has to note the level of corruption in that country and the notion that they can’t wait for martyrdom is beyond belief.

On the second issue, I don’t think America gets any benefit from Israel. In fact, I think Israel is a huge liability. Billions of dollars are spent propping up a country that is as racist as Alabama under George Wallace. I think that the real reason politicians don’t reflect this reality is that they are too busy accepting campaign donations from Israel’s supporters. I think our country would be much better off strategically and economically if Israel did not receive such favored attention from our country. Absolutely, the last thing we need is for Israel to goad America into spilling our soldier’s blood and our country’s resources for their benefit only.

Dale Stevens,