Weatherford Democrat

October 25, 2012

COLUMN: Election offers opportunity of lifetime

Richard Feuilly

— This is the election that will either save or destroy America.

We have a president that says that the free market has never worked and never will. The Constitution is a flawed document that says what government can’t do for you, but restricts what it can do for you. The truth about GM is it did go bankrupt; it was manipulated so that Obama supporters got the gold and others got the shaft. VP Biden says Osama is dead, GM is alive. I wonder if he will say we skipped nearly half of the daily intelligence briefings and the ambassador and his colleagues are dead. The president is a chronic liar or is incompetent. He was blaming a video for the attack on the Benghazi Consulate, which very few people knew anything about, until he and Secretary Clinton made a TV video that was shown in Pakistan that cost taxpayers $70,000. The ambassador had called for help several times, but was refused. Two security teams were pulled out so we could show the terrorist what nice folks we are and get back to normal.

Let me see if I can explain something to you. If the president has not learned that those people hate America and nearly everyone else in four years, he is not likely to figure it out in another four. Folks are worried about Governor Romney’s foreign policy knowledge. Can you tell me what President Obama’s experience was in 2008? I think it was zilch and still is.

Some folks are worried about voter fraud in Parker County. It is said that there has not been one Democrat elected to office since electronic voting machines were introduced in 2005. In my humble opinion, the reason for that is folks in Parker County are more informed than they were in the past. In the past if it was good enough for Grandpa and Grandma, it is good enough for me.

We must put a stop to the wasteful spending. Inflation is well on its way to getting out of hand. It has been tried time and time again, tax the rich to raise revenue to pay for all the goodies that politicians promise. The rich will leave or not produce as much because why work your tail off just to give it to those that prefer not to work? It matters not what the politicians say, the tax always works its way down to the middle class. Look to Europe to see what is taking place due to their socialist societies.

Argentina would be a good study to find out what happens to such nonsensical endeavors. Have you seen the bread lines in Russia? When the rich and producers were gone those that were left were forced to work on collectives and were only paid a subsistence. If that is the future that you want for Americans, vote Obama.

You have a clear choice, you can vote for a capitalist or a socialist. Capitalism is not perfect, but it beats anything else that has been tried. In case you have any doubts, look around the world and see which societies are better off.

If it is imperative that we elect an Obama, may I suggest that we draft his brother George because he has more common sense than the president will ever have.

Richard Feuilly is a guest columnist. He is a retired ditch digger and a resident of Weatherford.