Weatherford Democrat

November 1, 2012

COLUMN: Cast votes for liberty over equality

William J. Kelly

— Ask yourself, “Am I a true American citizen? Do I vote for true Constitutional government or a ‘social justice’ one?”

A vote for Constitutional government is a vote that considers “liberty over equality.” A vote for so-called “social justice” is a vote for “equality over liberty.” Equality over liberty is the European type of government, which talks social justice equality but only hands it out to subjects as it so desires. It is not the type of equality or liberty that the people expected. Liberty over equality is the American way and it has brought unequaled lifestyle to citizens who take advantage of it. The poor in this country are considered well off as compared to the poor in socialistic countries.

Why is this fact true that liberty brings about more equality to citizens? I will give you an example from my own family.

My grandfather, in a foreign country, at the age of 10, was taken out of school and apprenticed to a shoemaker to learn that trade. His lot in life was to be a shoemaker, the same as his father and grandfather. In other words, his equality was limited to being a shoemaker. This was in the late 19th century and the news of the freedom to own land and to be what you desired in life was the big news all over the world. My grandfather heard this news about our country and decided to come here. He saved his money and purchased passage for him and his wife on the ship Weser and arrived on Ellis Island on May 15, 1893.

For some reason, his name was changed to Bell and that became his American name. He settled in western Pennsylvania where he opened a shoemakers’ shop, which was very successful. A few years later, he heard about the moving picture business. He liked the business prospects of moving pictures and my grandfather, using his American freedom, opened up the first nickelodeon moving picture house in western Pennsylvania. This business was of course very successful and he eventually opened a movie theater as we know them and also a delicatessen store. He eventually became very wealthy, quite a jump from what would have been his lot in life in his native country.

Incidentally, none of his six children were taught their native language. They spoke English with no accent because he wanted them to be true Americans. I think this is a very good example of the results of our liberty over equality.

What do you want to vote for — the liberty to advance socially by your own study and hard work or by the present idea of “share the wealth.” If you think “share the wealth” is the best way then you will be voting for the downfall of the liberty you now have and when that happens you and your heirs will be worse off in your future life.

The leaders of Europe think we Americans only think of money when the truth is that these people only think of money for themselves, not their subjects. We see citizen uprisings in the Mid-East, Africa and other places in the world because these citizens do not have the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by our Constitution. We Americans are not subjects of our government, we are the government.

The idea and inspiration for this article came to me from an article by Norman Podhoretz in the October 2012 Imprimis of Hillsdale College.

Guest columnist William J. Kelly is a Parker County resident and served as 2nd Lt. in World War II in the Eighth Air Force of the US Army/Air Corp.