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August 16, 2013

KELLY: What do you think IX

Weatherford Democrat


College football

Many college and university football coaches are pushing the NCAA to approve paying college players. One coach thought the players needed spending money of at least $300 per month. Wow!

When I went to school, my monthly spending money was $5, and that was whether I needed it or not. That was in the 1930s, and I made do with the $5. I could go out for a spaghetti dinner and an illegal beer on Saturday evening for $1, including tip.

Now the value of money’s purchasing power has decreased dramatically since the days of 10 cents per gallon of gasoline. I would wager that all of you men out there working hard to feed, clothe and house your families would love to have $300 free and clear for spending money each month. What do you think?  

College football again

I love watching college football. It is played by amateurs with the goal of bringing glory and honor to their school by being a big winner. Sometimes mistakes are made, but more often, unusual exciting plays are made.

That is what it was until the coming of pro football. Now the goal of a lot of players is to be a star player and to be drafted into the pro leagues. Some do not complete their college degree. Big money is the object. If we begin to pay college players, will it eventually spill over into high school players?

I personally oppose paying college football players. They already get sports scholarships, so surely their families could provide them with a reasonable amount of spending money. What do you think?

Fort Hood massacre

Hasan, the murderer, cannot be called a terrorist because the military law has no such term for an American soldier. Where have the airheads been since 9-11?

Terrorism is everywhere, and because we have admitted Muslims into the military, it should have been an obvious thinking that a terrorist act would occur eventually, and I suspect there will more in the future.

I have mentioned this point before, but it needs to be repeated so that you all remember it. An attempt on the life of the presidential candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt failed, but Mayor Cermak of Chicago was killed. His assassin was captured by the crowd, and he was found guilty and put to death in 30 days after Cermak’s death.

Why is Hasan still alive today, three years after his crime? In addition to that, he has drawn $300,000 in Army pay while the victims, our citizens and our soldiers, cannot get proper care and lost compensation. What do you think?

Government debt

I just read that the Japanese government is in debt by one quadrillion yen. That debt is more than twice the size of the Japanese economy, according to an article by John Schwartz in the Star Telegram. A quadrillion is a billion millions.

That sort of made me think of our national debt and the debate about it. I think it is much too high. What do you think?

Cowboys and the press

I heard that if you keep telling a boy that he is a bad boy, he will eventually become a bad boy. Perhaps if the Dallas Cowboys players could read something positive about the team they could become a winning team.

As it is now, all they can read is some silly sports writer telling them how bad they are. I stopped reading these sports writers’ opinions because they are constantly criticizing Jerry Jones and his team. We should be encouraging the team to be a winner. What do you think?

Eydie Gorme

I am sure happy that in September I will be 93 years old, but in some ways it does have its drawbacks. I just read that Eydie Gorme, the wife of singer Steve Lawrence for 55 years, died at the age of 84.

She was a great entertainer and had big hits in both English and Spanish. One of my old-age drawbacks is that most all of the singers and entertainers of my younger days have left us. Two years ago I visited Branson, Mo., to see Andy Williams and Petula Clark in his Branson theater. Andy was slow walking on to the stage, but he could still really sing his big hits. Unfortunately, he died the following summer.

There were so many great stars in the 20th century that I can only mention a few: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Burns and Allen, Rosemary Clooney, Patti Page, Bette Davis, Liz Taylor, Lucy, John Wayne, Gene Kelly and so many more.

One of the great things about all of them was that whether they were singing or speaking and acting, one was able to understand every word. The proof that they were really great stars is in the fact that their songs and movies are still in big demand by the public.

Their performances can be seen on television and their music heard on radio. Yes, Eydie Gorme has joined those great stars, and though they are all gone, they will never be forgotten. What do you think?

William J. Kelly is a Weatherford resident and frequent contributor to Viewpoints.