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March 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor – March 28, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Kudos to Parks and Rec

Dear Editor,

Infant Nolan Bassham’s brief time on Earth was honored by a tree planting in Weatherford’s Holland Lake Park. Her parents, Haley and Blake Bassham, along with big sister Remington, gathered with church friends to commemorate baby Nolan.

The Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Weatherford made the event perfect with their seamless assistance. Shannon Goodman coordinated the details and Gary Miller, Micah Rogers and Tyler Herndon were present to plant the bur oak by a swing overlooking the lake fountain. Their expertise and kindness went well beyond professionalism and expectations. On behalf of the Bassham family we thank each man.

The exemplary cooperation and efficiency by the Parks and Recreation Department makes a tree planting a memorable event for others to consider.

Sharon Lackey, Fort Worth

Mike Brasovan for Annetta city council

Dear Editor,

We would like to show our support for Mike Brasovan as he runs for the Annetta City Council, Place 5.

Mike, Karen and their children Michael and Rachel are our neighbors here on Old Annetta Road. We know them to be a wonderful family. Mike is very concerned with Annetta and our future and direction as a growing town.

We believe he will provide the thoughtful, inclusive leadership that Annetta needs. Please consider Mike as you decide the future of our town.

Gary and Elise McElroy, Annetta

Calling foul on softball league

Dear Editor,

The city of Weatherford is growing by leaps and bounds. We now have many conveniences available next door that we used to have to drive to Fort Worth for. Our city provides so many wonderful activities for children, individuals and families from our beautiful city parks to organized activities such as swimming lessons and various sports.

Most of the time these activities seem to be properly managed and provide enjoyment for those who choose to participate as well as spectators. However it has come to my attention that when it comes to the adult sports the city offers they are not only poorly managed but in some cases completely out of control and run on some type of “bully” system.

Members of my family have participated in some of the adult sports organized and offered by the Parks and Recreation Department and I will warn you do not take your children to watch their daddies, brothers or uncles play in these games. The language used by the players is offensive, perverse, crude, and quite inappropriate. It would be nice if the players, who happen to be grown men, knew how to behave and speak to each other in a civil manner but in the event that they do not why are the organizers and umpires allowing this type of behavior?

Furthermore why are teams sitting in adjacent parking lots consuming alcohol after and sometimes before the games? I have seen our local police department send cars over to cruise through, in which case they hide their beer until the cops move on and then continue to drink. If they can be seen by spectators in the stands then I know umpires and the city employees at the field can see them as well. Why is nothing being done?

Men are naturally competitive and are sometimes pretty easy to rile up so as you can imagine inebriated men are even more so. They are getting ridiculously confrontational and in some cases actually looking to fight with other team members. This unruly behavior used to be far and in between so it was generally pretty safe to go and watch the games with your family but it has become so frequent it is no longer a appropriate environment for families.

How sad is that? You can’t go watch a softball game because of the ridiculous adult behavior and the city’s irresponsible attitude.

First of all to all of you supposedly “grown” men out there, it is a city softball league! No one is impressed by your mad skills and you are not getting paid to play here in the grand ole city of Weatherford so grow up! Act like the role models, husbands and fathers you are supposed to be and show that you still have a little class.

To the umpires hired to call the games, take some control, demand some respect. In my day the umpire was actually in charge and always had control of the game. They demanded respect and anyone that crossed that line more than once was asked to leave. To the city, take a little more responsibility and actually attempt to make this something that the community can enjoy attending instead of a no-holds barred beer and cursing event. You created it you are supposed to control it you can’t just throw your hands in the air and leave things as they lie.

Perhaps it would be best for all to follow mama’s advice: “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.” The activities are provided by the city so that groups could come together and have fun while getting some physical exercise so let’s try to keep that in mind and get back to having fun and enjoying the time spent on the field.


Lara Galloway, Weatherford