Weatherford Democrat

October 1, 2012

Letters to the editor, Sunday, Sept. 30


— City needs to do more to ease traffic issues

Dear editor,

Please do something to help Weatherford east-west traffic flow across South Main Street.

Every once in a while someone needs to ask why and question those responsible for traffic flow in this town.

There is a really interesting article in the Aug. 27 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek titled “One Solution At a Time.” The article talks about how “government is a study in dysfunction….nothing gets done”. The article goes on to point out how the folks in some cities and towns are taking the bull by the horns and doing something. The article points out Grapevine, Texas, hired an engineering firm that specializes in traffic flow. They have reduced stops in some areas by 88 percent and wait times by as much as 45 percent. They estimate they are saving the residents of Grapevine as much as $8 million dollars in fuel annually. Someone in city hall might want to give them a call.

If the City of Weatherford would act, they could easily double the traffic flow during rush hour from east to west across three cross streets on South Main — exit on I-20 at South Main, Martin Street and College Park — and save Weatherford residents hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and no telling how much time — and I’m not even going to mention pollution or total frustration.

The construction company building this roadway (or maybe the city) should be responsible for fixing the 5 to 15 feet of cross pavement on each of these three streets that has, on occasion, TOTALLY brought cross traffic to its knees. We are not talking I-20 here, we are talking at most 45 feet of pavement that should be maintained on a periodic basis to smooth out the potholes and bumps.

And, please put up a “Stop Here On Red” sign at these intersections. People don’t understand where to stop at these intersections and they routinely stop behind the bumps and potholes/ruts instead of at the actual intersection. When the light changes they creep across the bumps and potholes/ruts and, as a result, only three to four cars cross per light change. If they would just pull up to the actual intersection then six or seven cars could cross at each light change.

And, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask, please fix the huge pothole at the northwest corner of South Main at the Walmart entrance. It would really be easy to make a temporary turn lane here and much improve south bound traffic. Why should we have to own a motor-cross bike or a four wheel drive pickup just to cross South Main? And, why should we just “grin and bare it”? We are only talking a few hours of repairs and very little money versus how much wasted fuel and how much pollution and for how long.

It is beyond me why these cross roads can’t be fixed. Is it like the article in Bloomberg Businessweek says “is it just lazy government dysfunction”? So why can’t these cross streets be fixed, you know, just like people live here and pay taxes.

Chuck Estes


Republican chair urges participation

Dear editor,

Thank you for participating in the longest primary season that I’ve ever experienced! Now that the primary, the conventions and Labor Day are passed, it is time to get busy to elect our Republican candidates from Mitt Romney to our local constables.

In Parker County, we have very few contested races and our candidates are well organized. In some other states and districts, they need our help.

If you are frustrated about what’s going on, let me connect you to a campaign or show you how you can make a difference. Closest to home, we need to elect Dr. Mark Shelton as the next state senator from District 10 (Tarrant County). If you want to block walk or make a donation, go to his website,

To take back the White House, go to On the website, make a donation in whatever amount works for your family’s budget, then click “get involved” and sign up to make phone calls to swing states. If you want to travel to a state that could use some Texas workers, let me know.

To take back the Senate, we have races for Congressman Connie Mack Jr. in Florida, State Treasurer Josh Mandel in Ohio, Former Sen. and Gov. George Allen in Virginia, Richard Murdock in Indiana, Jeff Flake in Arizona, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, Tom Smith in Pennsylvania, Don Bongino in Maryland, Pete Hoekstra in Michigan, Todd Akin in Missouri and Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Any amount that you have to donate to their campaigns will be well spent.

I’ve said it so many times, your voice and your vote matters, and it is true! With all of us working to spread the story that individuals, not government have the answers to deal with all kinds of problems, we can elect conservatives that represent our values. For those that are concerned that the Republican nominees aren’t 100 percent consistent with your beliefs, please consider the alternative.

We had that long primary, and the primary voters have nominated our team. Let’s all get behind the team with 110 percent of our energy and resources. Go to for election information. Check out the candidate stuff including Romney/Ryan at Republican headquarters at One Austin Place in Weatherford. Give me a call or email at if you have questions or need direction. This is the most important election of our lifetimes, and you can be the difference in the outcome on Nov. 6! Happy campaigning!.

Zan Prince

Parker County Republican Chair

Thanks to all who helped with Ride United event

Dear editor,

We had a great turnout for our 2nd Annual Ride United Event, United Way of Parker County’s campaign kickoff for 2012. Thanks to all the cyclists, law enforcement, board members, sponsors and volunteers. We could not have done it without you.

The proceeds of our 2012 campaign will be allocated in the spring to our 20-plus partner agencies that depend on funding to keep their programs going. Thanks again to all. See you at our 3rd Annual Ride Event next year.

Kim Cherryhomes,

2012 United Way of Parker County President