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March 7, 2014

KELLY: What do you think?

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This is a word we hear a lot these days in political discussion. I thought I would look up the definition of compromise in the Oxford. As a noun, it means an agreement reached by each side making concessions; also something that is half way between conflicting elements. As a verb, I selected this one: accept standards that are lower than is desirable for practical reasons.

Today, we Christians are constantly being harassed by the federal government, pro-abortion groups and gay rights organizations to compromise our beliefs about freedom and morality. In other words, we are asked to do all the compromising by giving in to government edicts, such as ObamaCare, and immorality, such as abortion and gay rights. It is we who must do the compromising, not those who believe in killing babies, same sex marriage and those slowly but surely taking away our freedoms guaranteed to us in our constitution.

I do not think it is possible for Christians to compromise on these subjects. Here is the problem we Christians have (you may have read this in the Link publication on Page 1): “Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home.” How true that is! That’s what Christians do now. Most go home and do nothing and even vote for these evils. What do you, think?


Lent began with Ash Wednesday, this year on March 5, and ends April 20, Easter Sunday. For those who receive ashes on this day, it is a reminder that we came from dust and to dust we will return. It is the beginning of a 40-day period of prayer and sacrifice prior to the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter Sunday.

You probably remember as a child how hard it was to give up candy for 40 days, but the reward on Easter Sunday morning was a big basket full of candy, your Easter basket. Sundays are not part of lent because they commemorate the resurrection, but my parents required we four boys to fast — not eat candy — on Sundays as well. This taught us that we could discipline ourselves, and this was a great aid in our adult life.

Lent is an excellent time for all people to renew their personal life, to renew their baptismal vows and to rededicate themselves to living their life as the Lord wants you to. This applies to everyone, not just the other guy. If you do so you will have a happy life.

I would like to remind the young people of a few things: marriage is between a man and a woman, and its purpose is to have children and thus enable the human race to grow and survive. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. When you marry, you pledge your love to each other and the vow you take is unto death do you part. It’s very tough, but not impossible. My friend Pete was married 68 years before his wife Mary died. He considers his decision to take Mary as his wife the best decision he ever made.  


For those young men and women who have let immorality control their lives, Lent is a wonderful time to turn your life around. With prayer and sacrifice, you can do it. Jesus is in the work of forgiveness. Those young women who find themselves pregnant, unwed and thinking about an abortion, please consider these facts:

• Eighteen days – a baby’s heart begins to beat.

• Forty-three days – the brain coordinates movements.

• Eight weeks – all organs are functioning.

• Nine weeks – the baby has permanent, individual fingerprints.

• Ten weeks – the baby has a sense of touch (comfort/pain)

• Twelve weeks – a baby can smile, suck his/her thumb and make a fist.

(Source: Pro-life Across America)

Your beautiful son’s or daughter’s life began at conception and deserves a life of its own. Do not believe otherwise. If you find it impossible to keep your child, consider adoption. A childless couple will adopt your baby and give it a wonderful life. Do not the words “adoption” and “life” sound a lot better than “murder” and “death?”

Lent is the time to ask forgiveness and begin a happy life. What do you think?

Interesting facts

• New Christians were trained in the faith during Lent and were baptized on Easter Eve.

• Mardi Gras is celebrated on shrove Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. In the USA, New Orleans is best known for its Mardi Gras celebration.

March 3 headlines:

• Ukraine on “brink of disaster.”

• Obama to push minimum-wage issue this week.

• Hong Kong urged to free the press.

• Separatists blamed for deadly knife attack.

• Showdown with Putin may define Obama presidency.

• Opposition in Venezuela stages protest marches.

• President criticized for policy on Russia.

And that’s not all of them! Reading those headlines really makes you happy about all of the world’s leaders. Reagan and Thatcher brought down the Soviet Union without firing a shot. Let us pray that our present leaders can cope with all these world problems equally as well. What do you think?

The right candidates

I hope you all voted on Tuesday’s Election Day. The primary election, the one in which you select the candidates you want to be your future leaders, is the most important election. If you did not vote, please do not complain about the future results. What do you think?

William J. Kelly is a Weatherford resident and regular contributor to Viewpoints.