Weatherford Democrat

September 6, 2013


Weatherford Democrat


Dear Editor,

Why does the government provide phones to supposedly poor folks, but can’t provide proper care for our veterans?

I get requests from charities to buy phone cards for soldiers. Why are food stamp recipients more deserving of phones than soldiers on the battlefield? Why do charities like Wounded Warrior Project, Hero Boxes and Disabled American Veterans, just to name a few, go in need when we blow $535 million on pie-in-the-sky disasters like Solyndra? Why did we bail out General Motors? Oh, I know, so they could move plants to China and upset the unions. Why do unions not understand that they are a large part of the problem? I suppose that the leaders think that they are looking out for their members. I have never understood why destroying the company, or destroying the nation for the benefit of a few is a winner.

Why is the Justice Department bringing a lawsuit against the Louisiana school system for allowing vouchers? The liberals are concerned about the children and the need for better education. What could be wrong with parents sending their children to schools that they believe are doing a better job of teaching?

In reality they don’t really care about the children. The goal of liberals is to ensure that all students are equally uneducated so they will not be able to function in the real world and can be easily conned into believing that they will have to rely on big government to survive. The object of the little game is to make sure that they are good little Democrats. The Head Start program has cost taxpayers more than it cost to put men on the moon, but is considered to be a failure by many.

This is a quote from an article by Lindsey Burke dated Jan. 14, 2010: “There are other government education programs whose effects actually grow substantially over time, and that are comparatively economical. Consider the federal D.C. voucher program … by their third year in private schools, the evidence was clear that voucher-receiving students were reading more than two grade levels above a randomized control group that stayed in public schools … But Congress, and particularly Democrats, have defunded the D.C. voucher program while raising spending on Head Start. President Obama is at the forefront of this travesty.”

Liberals hate anything that actually works, especially if it doesn’t need an army of government bureaucrats to administer whatever the debacle might be.

Why is it necessary to spend more than $1 trillion dollars more than what the Treasury takes in? Why don’t we open up drilling on federal lands, especially in Alaska? Why do the majority of Americans have to suffer, because a few radical scientists, who run around like Chicken Little crying the sky is falling because of carbon dioxide? I heard that carbon dioxide is a necessity for plant life. Why do we forbid lumber companies from harvesting the trees that are killed by the beetles? Oh I know, so the fires will burn bigger and brighter.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford