Weatherford Democrat

December 8, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I’m sure you’ll agree

Weatherford Democrat

I’m sure you’ll agree

Dear Editor,

Our government, Democrats and Republicans, are showing they know nothing about finances.

Every year, we give almost every country on Earth millions of dollars. (What for, really?) We do not have the money to give. We have to borrow money. Plus, we have so many of our people here in the USA that need help.

If we’re borrowing money, we should say “no” to our handouts. Stop this stupidity now. Balance our budget, cut all we can and start with all we give away. None of our money needs to be spent outside the U.S. until we are financially secure.

All personnel in government are well off and have accountants to do their budgets; no wonder we’re in a mess. Also, they are all acting like spoiled brats — do it my way or I won’t play with you!

Grow up. Think of others, especially those that elected you and depend on you. It’s really not about Democrats or Republicans. We are the people of America. Let’s all stand together. Maybe it’s time we clean out our government house and vote in all new people.

Darlene Mader Woodruff, Weatherford