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September 5, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wishful thinking

Weatherford Democrat

Wishful thinking

Dear Editor,

I hate to break the bad news to Mr. Tilly (“Obamacare is good for the nation,” Letters to the Editor, Aug. 30) but his blind faith in all things Democrat and Obama does not make the Affordable Care Act affordable.

Maybe his figures are a small snapshot of what he is seeing in small-town America but the tsunami called Obamacare is about to hit every social-economic class in this country in the gut. Health insurance policy holders across the country can expect letters from their providers notifying them of “staggering” rate increases, some even approaching 200 percent, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Mr. Weber has noted that officials in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina and Kentucky say they expect rates to increase by averages of 35 percent to 80 percent, or more. One major health insurance provider has already notified policy holders that their premiums may skyrocket due to Obamacare; some Kentucky families have received letters stating that their premiums would triple.

An actuary for Humana Corporation told the Kentucky Department of Insurance in a rate filing last month that clients could expect increases as high as 80 percent under Obamacare, according to the latest news reports.

The company has sent out warning letters in the state about Affordable Care Act rate hikes. One such letter was sent to senior AMAC executive Andrew Mangione, a longtime Humana client and resident of Louisville, that he can expect the rate on his family’s policy to increase from $333 to $965 per month. How in the world did Mr. Tilly come up with his glowing report on rates here in Weatherford? Something is not adding up.

In Humana’s case, do not shoot the messenger. They are being forced to go along with the program. What bothers me is that we were told our premiums would go down and that we could keep our policies. It looks like we were lied to again, but what’s another lie to this administration?

When questioned by AMAC about these staggering increases, the spokesman for Humana, Mitchell Lubitz, said the rate increases vary by the individual and reflect “the costs necessary to bring a plan into compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Right now, all of our policies are ACA-compliant (i.e. – they all include 100 percent coverage of preventative services and contraceptive coverage), but ACA requires additional essential health benefits beginning on Jan. 1, 2014. Essential health benefits, which are divided into 10 categories, are mandated for individual and small group health plans in 2014. Based on the health reform law, costs must be spread over all ages and genders, and the rates in 2014 reflect the expected costs of those services.”

So it does not matter what you or your family may need for health-care coverage, the ACA makes you pay for someone else’s contraception and God knows what else is buried in the law! Humana did not say how many rate increase letters were sent to policyholders across the country, but said that 6,000 such notifications were sent to clients in the state of Kentucky alone. Humana, which is headquartered in Louisville, is one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers with more than 11 million customers nationwide so I’m sure they know what they are talking about.

In fact the CEO Bruce Broussard recently told reporters: “I think the communication of the reform act has been around the expansion of the coverage. But I do not see a real, large conversation around what the impact is going to be on the public. A significant and dramatic impact on the pocket books of anyone who purchases health insurance is just over the horizon.”

Lon Williams, Weatherford

Appalled by writer’s letter

Dear Editor,

In response to Dennis Tilly’s Aug. 30 letter (“Obamacare is good for the nation,”) in the Weatherford Democrat, I am appalled.

I would like to state that I alongside my husband worked many years paying into Social Security, supporting our family, educating our kids and paying taxes. Why, Mr. Tilly, do you think we deserve to sit down, die and hand over what we worked for to illegals and lazy people who are waiting on their next handout? 

I would like to know how long it has been since you entered the door of a cancer center? Let me assure you that you are not guaranteed the devastating curse will not affect you or a loved one! It is not a diagnosis that you want or one to see inflicted on a family member, friend or acquaintance. Never in my lifetime did I think it would affect me – but guess what? It did!

Mr. Tilly, I want you to know that my loved ones and I believe wholeheartedly that I have earned the right to the best doctors, nurses, facilities and treatments that your Mr. Obama thinks he deserves. Am I not correct in understanding that these new changes will not be good enough for him and his family?

Are you aware that because I am a cancer patient that his followers – and I include you in this statement – believe that I am done? Explain to my family, please, that because I have cancer that I should give up and let the monster consume my life. 

Let me ask you, and I quote you, “third world countries have a superior system to ours,” why do those people want to leave their “good life” to come here and take from our hard-working people? Which of those countries would give you anything free?

Your Affordable Healthcare Law that you consider so great does not cover every American as you stated, but you seem to think it will be OK to put some elderly residents out of Medicaid funded nursing homes and onto the streets. Did you not ever once think that misfortune could come your way and find yourself in the same situation?

Another thing, I am sure when you or a loved one is ill you want the best care. I can assure you our medical professionals deserve to be compensated for their expertise. I’m sure you get top dollar from your insurance clients. By the way, we have not received notice of any drop in premiums. Did you get a special rate as an Obama backer? I understand that many small businesses will be forced to cease operation because of these changes.

I have no idea who you are, your age, race or background, but I am sure at one time you had or have parents, perhaps a spouse and children. Open your eyes and your heart and visit a cancer center and see what I have discovered since my diagnosis three months ago. I am about to have my lifetime limit of PET/CT scans per your president and his Obamacare. Do you have any idea the expense of those tests? I can assure you – they are not cheap – but necessary to know the status of my condition. 

Yes, Mr. Tilly, this is bad news for the Republicans and all other citizens of our country.

Respectfully submitted,

Bettie Allen, Weatherford

It’s game on for political season

Dear Editor,

It’s time for game on!

It’s hard to believe, but Summer 2013 is over, school has started, football is in full swing and the 2014 political season is officially on.

As you prepare to do your part in the selection of our elected officials, I invite you to keep some key principles in mind. Our purpose is to register voters, educate voters and turn out the vote for our candidates. 

Just 76 percent of the eligible citizens are registered to vote.  Twenty-four percent are on the sidelines. In order for us to register those folks, we need to be deputized. It’s an easy process.  Go by the Parker County Elections Office and talk to Gina. Then, we need volunteers for local venues. There will be a voter registration booth at Wild West Days in Springtown, the Azle Sting and Parkfest. We also need folks to register voters at churches and schools.

If we’re going to educate voters, we need to get the facts. Please get to know the candidates so that you have a story to tell about your choice. As Republicans, we need to tell the story of the differences between the Republican and Democrat platforms. If a candidate aligns themselves with a party, they align themselves with the party platform.

We are the party that values life, that believes in personal responsibility, that believes that government should be smaller with less influence on our daily lives, that believes in a strong national defense and that believes in the order of law. Our principles create stronger individuals, families, communities and country.  Prepare to tell our story to educate voters. 

Next on our list of responsibilities it to turn out our vote. We can give financially to the cause and support the organizations that support get out the vote for Republican candidates. We can give time to make phone calls, go door to door or put out signs. We can host an event so that our friends and neighbors have an opportunity to get to know our candidates. Everyone has a place and a job in the election process. Every contribution of time and money matters, and we all suffer when someone decides not to participate.

It’s been a great summer, and now it’s time to go to work for the 2014 election season. If you don’t know where to start, come to a meeting or give me a call at 817-594-5029 or email and ask for help. We need every person doing their part to make sure that we take back the United States Senate, keep the United States Congress, and keep Texas and Parker County red.  We can make a difference!

Happy campaigning!

Zan Prince, Chair, Parker County Republican Party