Weatherford Democrat

November 26, 2012

COLUMN: Republicans should own up to problems they've caused

Dennis Tilly

— Guest column writers persist in blaming President Obama for the results of the most disastrous presidential administration in American history, with the possible exception of the Buchanan presidency that led to the Civil War and the three consecutive Republican administrations that caused the Great Depression. At the end of the Bush presidency the domestic economy was in free fall. The nation was at the brink of another crippling depression. Employment, home values and the national banking system were just starting to react to eight years of unregulated slash and burn capitalism.

Bush policies had produced complete disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan. By attacking Iraq, Bush destroyed the Sunni Shiite balance in the Middle East. No manner how evil the Iraq secular dictatorship was it acted as a counter balance to the religious imperialist government in Iran. Muslim terrorists were tracked down and destroyed by an Iraq that would not tolerate any other power base.

Republicans are now like the farm owners who hire a new foreman because he promises higher profits quickly. And for a few years the new foreman produces. But he does it by borrowing huge amounts of money and putting a large part of farm overhead on the owner’s credit card. He also stops fertilizing the fields and fails to plant a winter soil holding cover crop. He stops supervising the farm workers who sell off the farm’s breeding livestock. The end comes when the unsupervised farm hands put wet hay in the barn, which results in the barn burning to the ground. If you don’t understand how wet hay can catch fire, talk to someone with farm experience.

At this point the farm owners’ fire their foreman and hire a new competent foreman. Who has to take out a large bank loan to rebuild the barn, buy new live stock and make the fields fertile again. Progress is slow because every corrective action of the new foreman is resisted by half the owners. The resisting half does everything in their power to slow the recovering. Because if it is successful they will lose any influence they had in farm policy. Their slash, burn, anything for a fast buck farming methods will be utterly discredited.

As the recovery progresses the discontents belittle the new foreman, because he can’t rebuild the farm in half the time it took to destroy it. They demand the new barn be built in the same hours it took the old one to burn. But the most outrageous demand is that the new foreman must immediately balance the farm budget. He’s expected to rebuild the farm without any new investment by the owners. When he tries to explain that their demand is impossible, the discontents try to rehire the old foreman’s brother, who uses exactly the same farming methods as his incompetent brother.

It is time for the Republican Party to own up to their terrible mistakes and actually become a force for rebuilding the economy and the American people’s faith in their government. If they don’t the 2012 election will look like a great Republican victory compared to what will happen in 2014. The American people have heard the likes of Fox News, Limbaugh, McConnel and Romney, and they have rejected politics over progress.

I really don’t want to see this nation dominated by any one party. But if the Republican Party doesn’t wake up and stop pandering to the racists, sexists, homophobes, birthers, gun nuts and tea partiers, they will have no future in American government. To the millions of honorable, fair-minded Republicans I have known, I will paraphrase. If a man wins the whole world but loses his soul, he has gained nothing.

Dennis Tilly is a resident of Weatherford.