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January 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 6, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Stop Obama

Dear Editor,

What is happening to our country?

The Obama Health Care took a lot of money away from Mediccare. This was not Obama’s money to take. I have paid Medicare taxes every since I have been employed, as well as most everyone else.

It seems to me that we don’t have a say anymore about what is happening to our country. What has happened to our freedom? We don’t have a choice anymore about what happens in our country. I don’t want Obamacare insurance as I have my own insurance, which I have never had any problems with, and I have a doctor that I can trust to tell me what is wrong when I have to go to a doctor.

Why does Obama have a right to tell anyone who or what they can do when it comes to our health and our lives? We, the people of the United States of America, need to stand up and take back our freedom and our country before its too late to stop what the president is doing to our country.

A very concerned citizen,

Dana Stovall, Weatherford

Encourage more recycling

Dear Editor,

I think recycling is a fantastic thing, I do it regularly!

However, it does make me unhappy that the people who do recycle are the ones paying the additional fees each month. The city is penalizing us for recycling by charging the additional $2.50 a month. It’s not that it’s a big amount of money, it’s the principle of it all.

What if you charged all of the people who did NOT recycle an additional $2.50 a month? Wouldn’t that make more sense to charge those who are filling up the landfill and not doing their part to help our environment? If you charged the fee for those who didn’t recycle, don’t you think more people would participate in the program to avoid the charge?

I have had people actually tell me they did not recycle because they did not want to pay extra to do it. Great program, Weatherford, but I think you have the whole thing backwards!

Kindest regards,

Tammy Wyatt, Weatherford

One unhappy Democrat

Dear Editor,

As I watch the Republican party tear itself apart, this Democrat is not pleased. Our multi-party system is absolutely essential to maintain democracy and the rule of law. The insane domestic and foreign policies of the Bush years were the result of an abdication of political balance in the Congress and the administration.

The party that is supposed to be abhorrent of deficit spending made huge tax cuts and then hugely increased spending, resulting in huge deficits.

The party that has been a champion of human rights, for at least the last forty five years, agreed to attack a country that had not attacked us. And looked the other way while our government tortured and murdered prisoners, imprisoned without trial and wire tapped and spied without judicial consent.

I had hoped this insanity had ended, but then the Tea Party movement of mostly retired, while voters demanded impossibly low taxes while demanding they keep all their government benefits.

They simple refuse to recognize that they are the major recipient of all that so called wasteful government spending. They refuse to acknowledge that seventy percent of all social welfare spending goes to people 62 and older. And that a large part of the remaining 30 percent goes to pregnant women, children, and the disabled.

When they bemoan the loss of self reliance and work ethics they must be talking about their selves and their grandchildren, great grandchildren, disabled veterans and almost half of all pregnant women.

Which of these Americans would they kick off government support and force back into the workforce? I’m sure employers would welcome the elderly, the disabled, children and pregnant women into their businesses and group health policies.

The bottom line is that irrational solutions are not solutions. They are the feel good fantasies of people who can’t even recognize the real sources of the problems. If we as a Nation can’t return to logic and shared sacrifice then there are no solutions.


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford