Weatherford Democrat

January 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 27, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

— Dear Editor,

Argyle, Texas, had: one store,

one post office, one service station,

one school, two churches, no police,

but – we had horny toads.

We grew: tomatoes, potatoes,

okra, peas, corn, watermelons,

cantaloupes, black-eyed peas,

and – we grew horny toads.

We played: skip rope, red rover,

Polyanna, pigs in a blanket,

with jacks, checkers,

and – we played with horny toads.

We had: feed sack dresses, short hair

cut page boy, shoes lined with cardboard,

knee-high socks, bleached sack sheets,

and – we had horny toads.

We saw: blue skies, clean air and

clean water, tall oak trees, lilacs,

and – we saw horny toads.

There were: windmills, outdoor toilets,

Sears and Roebuck catalogs,

log cabins, ponds, wood stoves,

and – there were horny toads.

We enjoyed: ham, beef, fried chicken,

beans and cornbread, sugar cookies,

fried squirrels and rabbits,

and – we enjoyed those horny toads.

Our friends were: little baby pigs and

small calves, baby chicks and

baby turkeys, mules, bluebirds and doves,

and – our friends the horny toads.

We loved: God, our mom and dad,

our grandmas and grandpas,

our sisters and brothers,

our teachers, friends and cousins,

and – we loved them horny toads.

When I grow up: I wanna be

a housewife, worship God,

have lots of friends, marry Lee,

and – grow horny toads.

But where is: the clean air and

water, grandma’s sugar cookies,

feed sack dresses, lilacs, red ants,

and – where are those horny toads?

Gloria West, Weatherford