Paula Johns

Name: Paula Johns

Age: 48

Occupation: AVP Bank Center Manager/Mortgage Loan Officer

Family: Two children, Tristan and Celeste

 Civic/social/professional affiliations: Currently: City of Aledo P&Z Board, City of Aledo ZBOA Board, Aledo Rotary President, Ride for Heroes Board member, Community Partners committee member, United Way of Parker County Board member, Ambassador for the EPCC,  Past Chairman of the Board for the East Parker County Chamber, teach Junior Achievement Financial Literacy at Aledo High School and support Aledo Advocats and a list of other committees past and present for the United Way of Parker County, EPCC, and Center of Hope.  Have also been a part of First Fridays in Aledo and ChristmasTyme in Aledo, have volunteered with the East Parker County Library with the stuffing of envelopes for the Garden Party. And was a 2014 Bachelorette nominee for the Parker County Today Magazine. Coached my daughter in both cheerleading and softball in the Aledo youth programs.


Why are you running for office?

I have watched Aledo grow and have been active in the community for 13 years, both through personal and business experiences.  I have been on many boards and committees that have prepared me for this opportunity. I am currently serving on the P&Z and ZBOA boards for the city which have helped me to learn, grow and prepare to be a part of the city council. I feel I have a good understanding of the direction Aledo is going and want to be a part of the continued progress by serving its residents in a policy making position.

What is the biggest challenge the city faces and why?      

The biggest challenge for any city is its infrastructure.  Aledo has taken care of the final piece of this; 1187.  The challenge is not really a challenge but to continue managing its growth with good policies and growing the business community.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities?

• Manage residential and commercial growth per the Strategic Plan.

• Continue current movement forward on parks and recreation projects and sidewalk grant projects along the State highway.

• Continue supporting policies that encourage increased sales tax for City projects with the promotion of City events, such as First Fridays, which bring visitors and residents into the city and downtown area.

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