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December 29, 2013

Aledo dominates APC rolls

Bishop, Newsome share MVP spotlight on All-Parker County roster in state-championship season

Weatherford Democrat


Aledo football players have almost always had a significant presence in the makeup of area rosters intended to lend credence and extol the accomplishments of local athletes who have performed well on the gridiron. More than two decades of the program’s consistency has assured a formidable measure of postseason kudos. But this season was a bit more special for the Bearcats who, in varying degrees, dominated the competition en route to ultimate success of a UIL state championship.

Aledo quarterback Luke Bishop and QB/wideout Ryan Newsome dealt their fair share of misery for opposing defenses through a 16-game season and through their efforts, as well as a bevy of surrounding talent, have been named Co-Most Valuable Players on the 2013 All-Parker County Football Team.

Springtown’s playoff-calibre squad earned a solid presence on the APC roster, including Porcupines quarterback Landry Turner breaking into the Superlatives listing as the top offensive player for the season. A talented Springtown receiver corps is evident in the roster, with recognition for seniors Ryan Hester and Dylan Ray.

Despite Weatherford’s difficult year, there were players in its midst who displayed the season-long desire to either leave a legacy for going forward, as the case for seniors Dalton Clubb (First Team defensive back) and Zack Logue (First Team punter). Sophomore quarterback Bryce Burks is the surprise entry for the Roos. In a tough situation against a wealth of defending talent, Burks methodically elevated his game during the season, and is rewarded with a Second Team mention in the APC roster.

Class 2A in the area saw a revamped Millsap squad (on both sides of the ball) and the emergence of players who prospered in the new systems. 

Also included in the APC listings are members of Brock’s gridiron squad, who premiered its varsity schedule in 2013. Though not designated in a district for the season (Brock will join UIL play in 2014), the Eagles showcased plenty of underclassmen who will bring talents to bear for the next couple of years. 

One of Brock’s seniors made the year a memorable one, and running back Slaten Gough was rewarded for his efforts with a First Team Offense reservation. Gough rushed for more than 1,700 yards in his varsity combined season premier and swan song, and crossed the goal line 17 times for the Eagles.

The Aledo presence in the 2013 APC listing is hardly surprising, and undoubtedly warranted. While the offense set new state and national records (points scored in a season) and the special teams were highlighted by a new national consecutive point after mark (Chance Nevarez - 207), the Bearcat defense was arguably even better than the offense. Aledo head coach Tim Buchanan and his staff also receive the superlative nod in directing the Bearcat squad.

The rolls herein reflect the depth and width of the Aledo squads, but also share the roster with kids who made formidable contributions to their own respective teams, regardless of the season’s fortunes.            

        2013 All-Parker County Football Roster




Co-Most Valuable Players of the Year

           Luke Bishop          Junior            Aledo

         Ryan Newsome        Junior            Aledo


Offensive MVP

         Landry Turner    Sophomore     Springtown


Defensive MVP

          Jordan Mittie       Senior             Aledo


Special Teams MVP

      Chance Nevarez        Senior           Aledo


Coaching Staff of the Year   

             Aledo – Head Coach Tim Buchanan




Quarterback - Seth Boleman     Sophomore      Brock


Running Backs -   Jess Anders      Junior     Aledo

  Slaten Gough    Senior    Brock


Fullback - Daythan Davis     Senior        Aledo


Wide Receivers - Taco Anderson    Senior     Aledo

                         Quanel Williams   Senior     Aledo 

Ryan Hester      Senior    Springtown


Tight End - John Whatley      Senior        Aledo


O-Line - Ernie McQuade       Senior      Aledo

  Hunter Harris      Sophomore    Aledo

Caleb Buchanan        Senior     Aledo

Keegan Dement        Junior     Weatherford

Preston Bradham       Senior      Aledo


Kicker - Eric Avalos       Junior       Springtown




D-Line - Cory Stitle        Senior         Aledo 

              Ray Hart          Senior         Aledo

              Zach Hyles       Senior        Aledo

Kolyn Waldrop    Senior     Springtown

Tyler Chappell     Senior     Springtown


Linebackers - Tyson Mauser        Senior         Aledo

      Matthew Hawkins      Senior        Aledo

                     Leddy French     Sophomore     Brock


Defensive Backs - Johnathan Durham   Junior     Aledo

      Brock Parker        Senior     Aledo

                  Dalton Clubb   Senior    Weatherford

                  Collin Rector    Senior    Springtown


Punter - Zack Logue        Senior       Weatherford




Quarterback - Bryce Burks     Sophomore    Weatherford 


Running Backs - Ryan Snow        Junior        Springtown

                 Jeuqwan Brownlee   Sophomore  Weatherford

Fisher Drewry   Sophomore  Springtown


Fullback - Dylan Burton      Senior       Millsap


Wide Receivers - Mateo Herrera     Senior     Springtown

                             Dylan Ray        Senior     Springtown

  Chris Whitling     Senior    Weatherford

            Dillon Springfield   Junior      Springtown


Tight End - Titus Gossett      Sophomore     Brock


O-Line -  Wes Harris        Freshman         Aledo

    Mitchell Coker     Senior         Millsap

  Cooper Gore      Sophomore       Brock

               Caleb Plumlee    Senior      Springtown

  Tyler Collier         Junior            Brock



Kicker - Parker Shaunfield         Senior        Aledo




D-Line - Tristan Stary            Senior          Aledo

    Kaleb Keys            Senior       Springtown

    Jason Washington    Senior      Weatherford

    Robert Newsome     Senior        Millsap

    Tanner Pittman       Junior         Brock

      Robert Dease         Junior      Springtown

      Trey Newby          Senior        Millsap


Linebackers - Josh White            Senior      Springtown

      Timothy Newberry   Senior         Millsap


Defensive Backs - Jonny Carter     Senior       Aledo

  RC Anderson    Senior       Aledo

  Draven Pointer  Junior   Weatherford                          

 Mason Priess    Junior   Weatherford

  Evan Glesne      Senior    Springtown

Caleb Whiteman  Senior    Springtown


Punter - Ricardo Reynoso      Junior        Springtown