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February 1, 2013

Decatur hurler WC-bound

Weatherford Democrat



DECATUR — The reputation of Weatherford College baseball served itself well recently, catching the eye (and arm) of senior Dewey Dovel, who inked a letter of commitment to attend and play baseball at WC next fall.

Dovel, who casts a formidable shadow at  6’5”, 230-pounds, is a multi-position player with an effective bat, but attracted most attention by his work on the mound. Dewey had several options to consider when trying to decide where to further his education, as well as his baseball career, and found a fit with the Coyotes due to the teams’ 10-year history, coupled with the athlete’s own vision of his future. 

“I have been involved in the recruiting ‘process’ since my sophomore year,” said Dovel. “I have been getting some inquiries from universities like Baylor and Holy Cross and several other Division I schools.

“And honestly, [opting for] a junior college is something that had always been in the back of mind, as a good place to begin a college career. I felt like it would be a good environment to continue my development, and create a positive avenue to potentially get drafted [into the majors], which is my ultimate goal.”

As the result of his recruiting visit, Dovel was impressed with WC head coach Jeff Lightfoot, and his past direction of the Coyotes’ nine. And from several sources, Dewey was assured WC pitching coach Flint Wallace was one of the better pitching coaches in the country.

“All those things together — the opportunity to go down to Weatherford to develop and work with two great coaches — and to be able to do that close to home were major factors in my decision to go JUCO and ultimately to choose Weatherford,” Dovel said.

Dewey’s family makes their home in Aurora, which is located less than an hour northeast of Weatherford.

Dovel says he is prepared to anything to help the Coyotes be successful, whether that involves his contribution on the mound or as a position player and hitter.

 Dovel, who will spend his final year of prep ball trying to help the Decatur Eagles reach a postseason spot, plans to take basic courses at WC that are business-concentric  and eventually seek a degree in a theology field and/or Christian leadership studies.

“My ultimate goal, when I am done playing baseball,” Dovel said, “is to be involved in ministry work, and serve others while spreading the word of Jesus Christ.”