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December 17, 2013

Coyote continues family tradition in sports

Weatherford Democrat

By Rick Mauch

For some, family history plays a big part of their path in life.

John F. Kennedy was destined to go into politics.

Peyton and Eli Manning were born to play football.

And Anthony Roberson knew at an early age that he would also follow in the footsteps of the rest of his family into sports. It led him to become a member of the Weatherford College Coyotes.

“It was always competitive around my house,” said Roberson, a San Antonio product. “My brother and I were going at it every day. My sisters, the same way.”

The Roberson family athletic history is a lengthy one. His father, John, played basketball at New Mexico State, while his mother, Lisa, was a volleyball player at the same school.

One older sister, Amber, played volleyball at the University of Texas and is now playing professionally in Puerto Rico. Another older sister, Ashlee, played basketball at Texas Tech and is now a pro in Finland.

A third sister, Arielle, is a redshirt sophomore on the basketball team at Colorado and was the Pac-12 Freshman of the Year last season.

And older brother Andre enjoyed a strong college career at Colorado and is now playing for Oklahoma City in the NBA.

“We call ourselves the A Team,” said Anthony, referring to the first letter of each of their names, along with each being so good at their respective sports.

Anthony, a 6-4 guard, didn’t blossom until his senior year of high school. He graduated early from San Antonio Wagner and then went to prep school in Las Vegas before coming to WC.

“I was young when I graduated because my parents put me in school early, and I had to get that extra year before I was ready for college ball,” said Roberson, who just turned 19. “But I went through two-a-days for seven months, and now I’m ready.”

Coyotes head coach Mark Osina said Roberson is a great addition to the program both athletically and emotionally as the coach tries to rebuild the program. Osina, who once led the team to national prominence, returned to the helm this season after having been gone several years.

“He’s the kind of guy I like to have around,” Osina said. “You can tell as he matures, he’s only going to get better.

“And he’s a great teammate. He comes from a big family that’s very close--just nice people.”

While they are very spread out, Roberson said he is in constant touch with some member of this family.

“I text my brother and sisters all the time. Plus, we all have iPhones, so that face time is good,” said Roberson.

“We’re very close. We always keep each other up to date. No one’s closer than family.”

Between keeping in contact with his family, school, and of course basketball, there’s not much room for hobbies. However, Roberson said he does love watching Netflix and playing video games online - usually with his brother.

While they all went into sports, he said none were pressured by their parents to do so.

“My parents decided to let us follow our own path, we just decided on our own it would be sports,” said Roberson. “They are very encouraging of everything we do, though, no matter what it is.”

His father teaches computer classes at Wagner now, and his mother is the attendance clerk at the school. They both previously coached after their playing days, which is something Anthony, who is working on a kinesiology degree, is also considering.

“I want to teach the game. I love it so much,” he said.

But first he’d like to follow his siblings into the professional ranks.

“That’s the ultimate goal,” he said. “If I keep pushing, at the end of the day, hopefully I’ll get there.”

In the meantime, he has two younger sisters who are just beginning to learn how to play sports - and he plans to help them along the way. Arianna is 7 and Aalyah is 9.