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December 23, 2012

Davis tops grid talent on All-Parker County roster

Aledo, Springtown playoff squads populate APC rolls

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Aledo’s Pate Davis made good use of his lone year as the Bearcats starting quarterback, leading AHS to the District 7-4A Championship and yet another trek into postseason play. A productive member of the offense prior to his swan-song prep season, Davis took to his starting signal-caller role with the skills of a multi-seasoned veteran, making the selection of the senior as Parker County’s Most Valuable Player a relative easy one.

Davis engineered the Aledo offense with proficiency, completing more than 65 percent of his passes with sound decisions, resulting in a touchdown-to-interception ration of 10 to 1. Contributing nearly 600 yards rushing to Aledo’s 2,500 ground total, Pate connected with Aledo receivers for more than 1,800 yards, solidifying an ever-present dual-threat attack.

Davis was also the district’s MVP, and extended his awards to the classroom, earning First Team designation on the All-State Academic honor roll.

With recognition to the receiving end of Davis’ passes also in order, the Bearcats’ tandem of wideouts Willie Gibson and Taco Anderson collectively earned the top offensive award, accounting for more than 1,000 yards of Aledo aerial real estate and a dozen touchdowns.

Another Aledo entry in the Superlatives is top defensive player Gunner Johnson, the leader of an ultra-talented linebacker corps that saw juniors Jordan Mittie and Tyson Mauser on the First Team. 

The dependable foot of Springtown’s Javier Reynoso, whose long-range accuracy proved to be yet another valuable weapon in the Porcupines’ offensive arsenal in 2012, paved the  way to the senior’s selection as the Special Teams MVP.

Both Springtown quarterbacks earned kudos, with senior Colby Moore and freshman Landry Turner, who both saw considerable playing time, named First and Second Team, respectively.

The growing importance of the center of the offensive line in the present-day offensive schemes calls for recognition of the short snappers. Aledo’s Caleb Buchanan, a unanimous selection at the all-district level, was given the First Team center nod, with Second Team shared recognition for Weatherford’s Sammy Stephens and Springtown’s Colton Hunt.

Anchoring the defensive line on the First Team is freshly-signed Bryson Burtnett, who will be wearing purple next fall for TCU. Burtnett could well have been named to the offensive APC teams, too, and that is the side of the ball he will likely inhabit with the Horned Frogs.

Weatherford has its APC residents as well, with the O-line play of Hayden Davis and Jordan Gray earning First and Second Team slots. Both Brownlee brothers, Fred and Jeuqwan, were also named to the offensive roles.

The relentless assault on postseason presence made a no-brainer for the Tim Buchanan-led coaching staff, who look to district championships as a mere segment to its overall season.


2012 All-Parker County Football Roster




Most Valuable Player

      Pate Davis     Aledo Senior


Co-Offensive Players of the Year

       Willie Gibson     Aledo Senior

       Taco Anderson       Aledo Junior


Defensive Player of the Year

     Gunner Johnson        Aledo Senior


Utility Player of the Year

       Caleb Frysinger       Aledo Senior


Special Teams Player of the Year 

Javier Reynoso     Springtown     Senior


Coaching Staff of the Year 

           Aledo — Head Coach Tim Buchanan




          Colby Moore    Springtown Senior


Running backs

Tyler Robertson    Springtown    Senior

       Jess Anders   Aledo     Sophomore



  Baker Roberson        Aledo      Senior



           Dylan Ray       Springtown Junior 

          Ryan Hester  Springtown Junior 

   John Whatley      Aledo           Junior



        Caleb Buchanan      Aledo       Junior


Offensive line

        Cole Clifton    Springtown    Senior

        Casey Fowler       Aledo Senior

        Cory Stitle           Aledo Junior

Hayden Davis   Weatherford    Junior


Utility player

Caleb Whiteman    Springtown    Junior




Defensive Line

      Bryson Burtnett     Springtown     Senior

        Zach Hyles     Aledo     Junior

       Jared Hinsley     Aledo     Senior

      Aaron Hinsley     Aledo     Senior

    Timothy Newberry     Millsap       Junior



     James Tedder       Springtown     Senior

      Jordan Mittie           Aledo     Junior

     Tyson Mauser           Aledo     Junior

      Alex Pointer     Weatherford       Senior


Defensive backs

   Gunner Courtney      Springtown    Senior

      Shea Wood             Aledo     Senior

    Clayton Lowe             Aledo     Senior

    Brock Parker             Aledo     Junior



      Zack Logue     Weatherford         Junior





Landry Turner    Springtown    Freshman


Running Backs 

      Ryan Snow    Springtown    Sophomore

    Chris Whitling    Weatherford       Junior



Jeuqwan Brownlee  Weatherford Freshman



   Tony Rodriguez    Weatherford     Junior

      Kaden King        Millsap       Sophomore

  Michael Rogers     Millsap       Sophomore



        Colten Hunt     Springtown        Junior

    Sammy Stephens Weatherford     Senior


Offensive Line

      Dylan Englert     Springtown      Senior

      Caleb Plumlee   Springtown      Junior

       Alex Ecklund   Aledo           Senior

       Preston Tyson   Aledo            Senior

        Jordan Gray     Weatherford       Senior


Utility player

        Fred Brownlee Weatherford      Junior


     Chance Nevarez   Aledo Junior




Defensive Line 

    Kolyn Waldrop       Springtown    Junior 

      Chris Patton      Springtown    Senior       TJ Tomlin               Aledo   Senior

     Kent Sanner     Weatherford     Junior

    Slade Hodge     Weatherford     Senior

  Thomas Loving     Springtown     Senior 



      Josh White       Springtown       Junior 

    Cole Norman      Springtown     Senior

  Daythan Davis       Aledo           Junior

    Dylan Burton      Millsap            Junior


Defensive backs

    Andrew Sexton       Springtown Senior 

    Nick Keith             Springtown     Senior

  Jonny Carter               Aledo         Junior

  Dalton Clubb        Weatherford      Junior



   Baker Roberson         Aledo         Senior