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June 9, 2013

Vlahopoulos inks next level for CCC

Weatherford Democrat


BROCK — It took a while for Kaila Vlahopoulos and the softball program at Central Christian College to put eyes on each other, but the wait was worth it, for both, when all was said and done —and eventually inked.

“[Central Christian head coach] Chad Kerr sent me a letter back in November,” Kaila said. “ He said in the letter that I was a prospect and he would like for me to have a tryout for the team.

“We kept in contact from then until March, and I finally went up there during spring break for the tryout.”

Vlahopoulos found an immediate comfort level at CC, which is a relatively small school, much like she had been use to at Brock.

“I really enjoyed the visit,” she said. “I got to meet the team while I was there and really liked Coach Kerr, as well.”

The outfielder said the tryout went well and the coach was happy that Kaila could play multiple positions.

Located in McPherson, Kan.,  Central Christian is approximately a six and a half hour drive from Brock. Kaila is OK with the distance, knowing her parents are less than a work day away. She also said her folks are ‘kind of’ alright with the potential trek.

“Mom was OK with where [CC] is located,” she said. “I think my dad realized there are a lot of places in Texas I could have gone that are much further away [than Central Christian], so he’s OK with it, too.”

Central Christian is part of the Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference and under the guidance of Coach Kerr has already made positive strides in his two years as head coach.

“They are still rebuilding, but they won more games last year than the year before,”Vlahopoulos said of the program. “[Coach] is bringing in several new players this year, like me, and wants to build up the team from there.

“I’m looking forward to being part of that.”

While helping to improve the Lady Tigers softball program, Kaila has very specific intentions regarding her education and life after college.

“I want to own my own business,” she said, “and I’m going to pursue a bachelor’s degree in small business and entrepreneurship, which is a four-year degree.

A leg up on most entering freshman, Vlahopoulos has already decided on the business she will pursue, with a recipe in mind for future success.

 “After I graduate from college I want to open and own my own bakery.”

With two younger sisters to critique her cooking, Kaila learned her way around the kitchen and found that she had a talent that she liked.

“I really enjoyed baking bread and muffins and those kinds of things,” she said. “It was satisfying. I don’t particularly like the cleaning up part, but you do what you gotta do, I guess.

  “As I got more creative, my sisters would always make me try it first before they would try something new, but I was OK with that, too.”

But before she fires up the ovens, Vlahopoulos hopes to light up the scoreboard for Central Christian for the next few years.