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June 9, 2013

Flaska caps ‘dream year’ with Hill commit

Weatherford Democrat


BROCK — So now that Brock grad Braylee Flaska has completed an active, stellar and quite memorable career as a Lady Eagle student-athlete, culminating with her recent commitment to attend classes and play volleyball at Hill College, one might imagine she will face a summer of leisure and restful inactivity ... nothing could be further from the truth.

A walk across the stage in cap and gown last Friday marks the beginning of a flurry of pursuits that may well find the former Lady Eagle catching her breath only when sitting down for her first day of class at the Hillsboro school.

Flaska will celebrate the end of her prep school days this summer with a trip ‘across the pond’ to check out a couple of European capitols—but then she really gets busy.

A week or so of sand volleyball is in the cards, followed by workouts with her new college team as they get ready for their fall campaign. A July volleyball camp is in the offing before packing and trekking off to Hill for classes. 

Flaska, who was looking for a junior college to extend her education and athletic career, was cool to some of her prospects until she spoke with the coach from Hill.

“Coach [Samantha] Fish called me and really wanted me to come for a visit,” Braylee said. “She was just so cool. You can tell she is happy to be where she is and help her players get to the next level after JC.

“She also has a solid sand [volleyball] background, so she can pretty much help me with everything.”

Flaska, who frequented the halls of Brock High School beginning her junior year, was prolific at more than just volleyball — good enough at basketball to help the Lady Eagles win two state titles during her tenure. And then, of course,  there was the Most Valuable Player nod in the state championship game.

“[Winning state in both sports] is just the greatest thing,”she said. “Of course, you want to do that and you dream about it, but it’s hard to think it would ever really happen.

But when it does, it’s just like the best thing ever.”

But volleyball is Braylee’s passion.

“Volleyball has just always been so much more fun for me, whether I am playing in matches or practicing,” she said. “And that was sort of a problem for some of the volleyball colleges [during the recruiting process], because they thought I might not be ‘all in’ for volleyball.”

The forward-thinking Flaska has her mind’s eye set for life after Hill College, as well. She has intentions to advance her athletic career, and her business degree, just a few ticks west of Brock.

“ I would like to hook up with a four-year college, hopefully in California,” she said. “Out there, I would be closer to sand volleyball [at a higher level], as well as the fashion industry.”

Braylee plans to use her business degree as a jumping-off place for a career as a fashion designer.

With a proven penchant for multi-tasking already, e.g., a pair of state titles in a single year, Flaska may well have little trouble conjuring fashion ideas ... even while her toes may be tickling the sand.