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June 9, 2013

Superlative sophs top APC rolls

Weatherford Democrat


A trio of district MVPs was a foretelling of the eventual traffic jam at the top of the All-Parker County Softball Roster for 2013. But with the area’s track record in softball the proclivity of success is apt to produce a challenge each year — and indeed it does.

The county’s schools produced three district champions and sent four teams to postseason. Two of those teams went deep in the brackets, and Aledo’s Ladycats, a formidable presence in the Superlatives roster, followed the playoff trail all the way to Austin.

The sophomores in the 2013 APC class are illustrious of the youth movement evident even at the all-district level. Weatherford’s consistent pitcher and prolific hitter Kelso O’Brien, the 2013 APC Most Valuable Player, is merely the tip of the soph iceberg, with Aledo’s Rhylie Makawe, Alli Ramsey and Lauren Craine named Top Offensive Player, Defensive Player and Pitcher, respectively.

Classes are well-distributed in the top three tiers, with sophs and juniors in a dead heat at 13 each. Eleven seniors and a freshman rounded out the field.         


2013 All-Parker County Softball Teams



Most Valuable Player

      Kelso O’Brien    Sophomore     Weatherford


Offensive Player of the Year

    Rhylie Makawe        Sophomore       Aledo


Defensive Player Of The Year

        Alli Ramsey       Sophomore      Aledo


Pitcher of the Year

      Lauren Craine    Sophomore       Aledo  


Catcher of the Year

          Haley Hardison      Junior       Brock


Utility Player of the Year

         Morgan Ashmore       Senior       Brock


Newcomer of the Year

        Kadyn Kirkpatrick      Freshman     Aledo


Coaching Staff of the Year


                   Head Coach Jeff Lemons

First Team


            Krysten Marr       Junior       Brock



               Liz Konig       Junior     Weatherford



       Shambry Sanders      Senior      Brock           Jessica Forrester    Senior    Peaster

         Allie Arneson       Sophomore     Aledo

         Ashleigh Erb     Sophomore    Weatherford         Kelsey Horton         Senior    Weatherford



                 Anna Holt      Senior      Peaster

          Jordin Albertson      Junior       Brock

           Haylee Bowden      Junior       Aledo

        Gabby Casanova   Sophomore   Springtown


Second team


             Kelsey Huff      Junior        Springtown

     Morgan Robinson   Sophomore    Peaster



         Madison Edwards     Junior     Millsap

              Katie Crook       Senior   Springtown



            Abbey Cowan     Junior    Weatherford

        Tawnye Bramlett     Senior    Weatherford

         Chickie Cook      Sophomore     Aledo

        Sierra Bradshaw      Junior        Brock

             Robin Rice      Sophomore    Brock



         Katherine Rose      Senior      Peaster

         Kaitlyn Farmer    Sophomore    Brock

          Mikayla Smith        Junior        Brock

             Jazmyne Hall      Senior      Millsap

             Kori Kizer           Junior        Aledo

             Tori Gore           Junior         Aledo

             Lauren Leach    Senior     Weatherford


Honorable Mention

        Sierra Jackson    Sophomore    Millsap

         Alisha Anderson    Senior       Peaster

           Ally Gabbert        Junior        Aledo

           Kaitlyn Hill        Freshman   Springtown

         Darrian Ross         Senior     Weatherford         Paige Guidry    Sophomore   Springtown