Weatherford Democrat

August 18, 2013

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Here we go again

Weatherford Democrat

Here we go again?

Dear Editor,

My, my, here we go again. It was just a few years ago that the Aledo ISD came to the voters asking permission to move money from the Interest and Sinking Fund to the Maintenance and Operation Fund. Now they want to raise taxes again. Not just for the Interest and Sinking Fund but also for the Maintenance and Operation Fund. Money is like a drug to the Aledo ISD, they can never get enough.

Why can’t they use some of the tens of millions of dollars that they have collected through ad valorem taxes on the production of natural gas to pay for some of the increases? Is this money just their private slush fund or is it public money that should be used to cover the expenses of the ISD?

Why is it that most of us have taken a cut in pay or are working as an underemployed person just trying to make ends meet and balance the budget, while our school district doles out raises almost every year? You would think that with retirements within the ISD and hiring new teachers right out of college that at some point in time, there would be level costs and no reason for an increase in maintenance and operation funds.

Face it people, our school district has the ability to replace retiring teachers with a lot of seniority and high salaries with lower-cost new teachers right out of college. In addition to this, with the refinancing of long-term debt that our ISD recently publicized and the lower interest rates that the ISD is now having to pay on the long-term debts, why is it necessary to raise the Interest and Sinking Fund taxes?

Give them the ability to tax, and before long that will tax you into oblivion. Give them the ability to tax, and before you know it, they all will be making more than anyone else in the community.

I think it’s time for people to stand up and say enough is enough. NO MORE TAXES. Maybe it’s time for a Tea Party.


Donald Pengelly, Aledo

Reader again takes issue with other’s opinion

Dear Editor,

I cannot believe the Democrat printed Richard Feuilly’s outrageous column in the Tuesday, Aug. 14, edition. He uses other people’s words to claim the President of the United States, a majority of both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court colluded to place “death panels” in the Affordable Healthcare Act. He has taken the words of good men and the prattle of fools and combined them into a vile conspiracy that does not exist.

He also imagines that a single payer national health care plan, like Medicare, involves some kind of plot to deny the rest of us good health care. He would apparently have the selection of the recipients for organ transplants based on media attention and popularity instead of medical science and fair play.

He cannot seem to understand that a constitution that does not evolve and adapt to the present and future needs of a country will soon go the way of the dinosaurs.

Each sentence of Mr. Feuilly’s column attempts to have a lie accepted as truth and truth limited to his slanderous statements. If his world was the real world he would have already been arrested by one of his evil government agencies for treason. Instead, it is those agencies that protect his right to defame the men and women who serve us all. Mr. Feuilly uses fear in an attempt to create the carnage that destroys loyalty to a common cause and principles. He would have hate and distrust rule the minds of Americans, to what goal, I cannot fathom.

I beg people of conscious to speak up and reject these perversions of free speech and truth. If we allow perversions of truth to replace history, those perversions may become history for our children and grandchildren. It has happened before.


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford