Weatherford Democrat

October 30, 2013

LETTERS TO EDITOR: Delaying individual health care mandate the fair thing to do

Weatherford Democrat

— Dear Editor,

The roll out of has been a complete disaster. Stories of the site malfunctioning are being reported everywhere. Regular Americans are having extreme difficulty signing up.

Liberals like Sen. Joe Manchin and entertainer John Stewart (“The Daily Show”) think a delay of the individual mandate would be a good idea. Some Obama supporters are beginning to face increased costs for health care.

Health care companies are laying off Medicare doctors in droves. For instance, United HealthCare just fired thousands of Medicare Advantage doctors. That means less supply of care.

Congress exempted itself from ObamaCare. Obama delayed the mandate for Big Business. Why shouldn’t mandate be delayed for all of the American people?

Delaying the individual mandate is the only “fair” option. It’s a policy both liberals and conservatives should support.


Christopher Flynn, Lewisville

Families thankful for homecoming honor

Dear Editor,

Our families were honored and touched by the Weatherford High School Class of 1963 for selecting Marianne McGuire to represent her late mother, Linda Ruth Heartsill McGuire, as Coming Home Queen for its 50-year reunion. Marianne was escorted by her brothers Marv, John and Matt.

We would also like to think Weatherford ISD for honoring Linda Ruth and for the logistical help of Don Rossander and Tim Duggin in seeing that Linda’s mother, Mrs. Mayme Ruth Heartsill, WHS Class of 1938, could be on the track to witness firsthand her grandchildren representing her daughter. Linda’s father is the late John L. Heartsill, former student, Class of 1932, and teacher at WHS.

Marianne, Marv, John, Matt and her uncles, Sam and Dan Heartsill, are all proud Roos athletes and graduates. The icing on the cake was seeing the Roos add another victory in the win column.

Again thanks for your kind tribute to our daughter, sister, mother and grandmother.


The Heartsill and McGuire families

Here we go again

Dear Editor,

The Community Reinvestment Act served up a big helping of affordable housing. Did you notice how well that worked out?

We are going to get a big dose of taxes and a big dose of not much health care, at a higher cost. The majority of the folks who are signing up on the state exchanges are going for Medicaid. See if you can figure out why. It never ceases to amaze me that the old goats and the young lambs love to follow the Judas goat to their destruction.

The Obamacare website has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and, by the time it is fixed, it is probably going to cost millions more. By the time the dust settles from the train wreck there will be more people without insurance than there will be with insurance. I venture to say that is the plan, because there are those that want a single-pay system. There is no doubt in the mind of a liberal that it will be easier to enroll 300 million in the program than it is to insure those without insurance. You can see for yourself how efficiently things roll through the bureaucracy. Every facet of government is the epitome of competence and efficiency – not. It will be your money they will be spending, and no expense will be spared.

The president will get to the bottom of the problem and make those accountable. I suppose that he will use the same method that he used in fast and furious and the Benghazi debacle, and any other problem that may arise on his watch. His solution is to go play golf or go to fundraising events and hope that another disaster will cause folks to forget.

The president is saying that we need to get the health care train wreck fixed and get the immigration problem solved and get started on creating jobs. I wish I were wrong, but I’m afraid that Obamacare is what caused the slow jobs recovery and will continue to hinder the job market. The jobs that government creates are a drain on the federal budget.

Raising the debt limit will accomplish the same thing that the terrorists were trying to do on 9/11. The twin towers were targeted because they were centers of world trade and finance. The plan was to cripple the free market and capitalism. The cry from the Democrats was that shutting down the government was a crime against the American people. Just in case you failed to notice, it was Harry Reid who shut down the government. President Obama said that Republicans were throwing a tantrum because they weren’t getting what they wanted. Seems to me that the president was throwing a tantrum, also. The government was fully funded, only the train wreck was not funded.

There is no doubt that health care costs need to be fixed, but as you can see government is not the most efficient entity to solve the problem. Shutting down government for two weeks is nothing compared to what will take place if out of control spending continues.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford