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January 15, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Signs of things to come

Weatherford Democrat

Signs of things to come

Dear Editor,

The season is starting for the “empty lot campaigns.”

What is this? For the most part, you will see their signs on empty lots and in front of empty houses, closed businesses, old gas stations and maybe even on an old truck parked somewhere.

Some of our ongoing officeholders have honed this practice to a fine art. It gives the false impression of support for them. Then, cashing in on the herd mentality of the general public, people vote for the one that they have seen on all of those signs.

Who are they? Just look around. And while you are doing that, look to see who has signs in front of peoples’ homes and active businesses.

Please let us not be fooled again by this little sleight-of-hand trick.

Dewitt Wood, Weatherford

A thank you to the Peaster community

Dear Editor,

Once again this year, I want to express my gratitude to the people of the Peaster community and Peaster schools for their overwhelming generosity and support for the PAL class Angel Tree Project.

So many of our people gave of themselves, their time and their money to ensure that many of our young people would have a wonderful Christmas.

I would especially like to thank two of my PAL students, Amanda Murphy and Eric Siewert, who led in organizing the project. A special thanks goes to our three counselors, Julie West, Carrie Howard and Melinda Cosper for the endless hours they spent identifying the children’s needs, distributing and collecting the application forms, shopping, and then for delivering the gifts. Once again, our high school principal, Darla Henry, was such a support and integral part of the planning, organizing, and helping on the distribution day.

Even though the ice storm interfered with getting the Angels into the hands of our sponsors in a timely manner, our community supporters made the project a priority and got the job done. For that, I am truly grateful. A simple “thank you” does not seem quite adequate, but to those who gave, please know that you were a true blessing to the children who benefitted from your generosity.

I feel so fortunate to teach in a community where people know and “live out” the true meaning of Christmas by giving of themselves and their resources to help those who are in need. You all make Peaster a wonderful place to live and work.

With heartfelt thanks,

Kaye Wood, Peaster High School PAL sponsor

Do you suppose they learned anything?

Dear Editor,

The college boys went to Antarctica in the middle of the Antarctic summer and discovered that it is not as warm as they had anticipated.

The ship they were on got stuck in the ice. The icebreaker that was sent to rescue the lads got bound up in the ice. They were taken off of the Russian ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, by helicopter to an Australian ship by helicopter from the Chinese ship the Snow Dragon.

The Snow Dragon was still ice-bound 24 hours after the rescue.

The American taxpayer has spent $7.4  billion dollars helping other countries fight global warming since 2010. John Kerry says that it is “truly a life and death challenge.” From the looks of things it has been a good investment, if you like cooler temperatures. The battle is beginning to turn in their favor.

Minnesota is in the worst deep freeze in more than 20 years, the wind chills were around 50 degrees below zero. The Arctic sea ice is 60 percent bigger than it was a year ago. Pack ice blocked the northwest passage the entire year. In my humble opinion, mankind doesn’t wear big enough britches to be able to influence the climate. If you really want to know what it’s all about, follow the money.

From the appearance of things so far, Larry Jones may get the opportunity to cut the ice on his stock tanks this year.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford