Weatherford Democrat

January 16, 2014

Stocking Up

Holland Lake stocked with young trout

Weatherford Democrat


Weatherford Parks and Recreation officials and Texas Parks and Wildlife are taking part in the yearly stocking of Holland Lake.

The second of an expected three stockings took place Wednesday morning at the lake. Parks and Wildlife officials placed 300 trout from Missouri into the lake. Weatherford Athletics and Aquatics Technician Dustin Reichelt said the city placed 500 trout, which ranged in size from one-half to 1 pound, in the lake last month.

Reichelt said trout is a cold weather fish, preferring water that stays below 65 degrees, which is the reason it was brought in from out of state.

“Once the water here gets in the 65 or 75 degree range, they just start dying and it’s the reason they can’t be grown here,” Reichelt said.

Reichelt said the trout are growing quickly, as someone pulled a 4-pound trout out of the lake earlier in the week. Interest was high in the lake stocking as about a dozen fishermen were on hand, seemingly waiting for the fish to migrate and disperse around the lake.

Shane Carter, with TP&W, brought the fish from the Texas Freshwater Fishery Center in Athens, about 140 miles southeast of Weatherford. He took the lake water temperature, which was 48 degrees, not much warmer than the air temperature at the time.

Reichelt said that fishing in city parks requires a license, which many people don’t know.

“A lot of people think that because you can fish without one in a state park, you can do so here, and that’s not the case,” Reichelt said. “You need a license to fish in a city park.”

One more stocking is planned by the state next month, which is expected to put another 300 fish into the lake.