Weatherford Democrat

December 5, 2012

Center of Hope debuts catalog

Sally Sexton
Weatherford Democrat


For years, Center of Hope has strived to help those in need through food supply, education and more.

As the community’s needs continue to grow, the Center of Hope recently released material that makes it easier to donate, and also to learn more about the many programs offered by the organization, through the Center of Hope catalog, Giving Hope.

“We mailed the catalog out to our existing donor base at the beginning of November,” development director Linda Livingston said. “We have more than 65 churches that partner with us, as well as around 40 business partners.”

Throughout the last few weeks, the organization, which has a volunteer base of around 2,500, has been distributing catalog around the area during events, as well as promoting a link to the material on its website,

With eight pages, the catalog details the different programs offered by Center of Hope, as well as a chart of what causes the donations actually go toward. In the pamphlet, Center of Hope also states that 92 percent of every gift goes toward programs that help children and families in the county.

“That’s a strong number to speak of, and we want people to know where their donations are actually going,” Livingston said. “The design of the catalog gives you a dollar amount and what that amount can do for the food pantry, or for Camp Hope.

“It lets people know exactly what they’re donating to.”

One of the highlights of Center of Hope is its food pantry, which helps around 500 families a month receive groceries, as well as provide 1,500 meals and financial assistance.

Other programs include Hope for Tomorrow, which educates adults on job skills, computer and financial management classes and more; Tree of Hope and Camp Hope, a summer program for youth in low-income neighborhoods to help teach them life and cooking skills.

“Our catalog shows you what each donation you make can do,” Livingston said. “For instance, $25 buys a crock pot and a meal for a kid in Camp Hope. We teach them to cook and they can go home and cook for their families.

“So many things we take for granted on how we were raised or how we raise our own children.”

Memorial donations, previously known as the Tree of Hope, may also be made, in honor of friends and loved ones.

With the help of North Side Baptist, which has helped Center of Hope print its catalog at a discounted rate, the non-profit has seen a tremendous increase in donations,

“It’s been a hit. We’ve hit about the same number at the beginning of this month than we did at the end of last year,” Livingston said. “Of course, we still have some people who do it the old-fashioned way and mail the donation in, and we’ve had a lot of people donate online.

“This is definitely something we want to continue to do in the future, since it’s been so well-received.”

Businesses and churches can also get involved with Center of Hope, by contacting them at 817-594-0266.

To receive a copy of the catalog, visit or call 817-594-0266 ex. 308.