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February 9, 2014

EXTENSION NEWS: Valentine’s Day means family, friends, love and celebration

Weatherford Democrat


Valentine’s Day is Friday. The stores have been stocked with decorations, candy and cards since the first of January. This is a good time to think of ways to share love and caring with family and friends. Consider ways your family can celebrate together.

Some fun ways you can show your love and care include these ideas:

• Make note cards or use Post-It-Notes to leave messages on mirrors, in lunches and other special places.

• Make candy bar wrappers for candy to give with a special thought or message. Consider using miniature bars as well.

• Plan a special time with each family member or special friend during the week of Valentine’s Day. It may include baking, sports, crafts, going to a movie or any special treat that the person likes.

• Make special treats such as cookies in the shape of hearts and kisses, wrap them in foil and add a special message. This would be a nice idea for teachers, family members or co-workers.

• Make special foods on Valentine’s Day or when you celebrate. Foods in the shape of hearts and cupids can include pancakes, cookies, cake, sandwiches, pizza, pudding and Jell-O.

• Make valentine’s to share with school friends, neighbors and family. Handmade items are always special.

• Valentine’s Day is also a time to support healthy habits with your family and friends. Our hearts need different activities to stay healthy.

• Hearts need physical activity. We need to aim for one hour of exercise each day. Take time to love your heart and help your family by walking, doing jumping jacks, participating in a heart relay and other fun activities.

• Hearts need friends. Make time to spend time with your friends. Call them up, visit them. Talk with them and listen.

• Hearts need hobbies. Spend time with others enjoying things you love to do whether it is painting, doing crafts, playing golf, or any fun activities. Hobbies keep your heart active and your mind alert.

• Hearts need service. Take time often to do something for some one. Donate your time to helping an elderly neighbor. Spend time helping out at a food pantry or walking someone’s dog.

• Hearts need laughter and fun. Take time several times during the day to have fun. Find laughter in your work, with your family and friends. Read the comics, watch a funny television show, and listen to jokes.

• Hearts need healthy food. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Choose whole grain foods. Limit the sodium and sugar. Choose healthy fats. Eat a variety of foods and drink plenty of water.