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February 23, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: No-smoking ban should include all workplaces

Weatherford Democrat

No-smoking ban should include all workplaces

Dear Editor,

I am writing as a concerned citizen and a volunteer of the American Heart Association. I am voicing my support for a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance that would cover ALL employees in any worksite in Weatherford.

I have spent a great amount of time in restaurants and workplaces where secondhand smoke is prevalent. Understanding the negative effects of secondhand smoke, I am a firm believer that smoke-free workplaces are necessary.

It is a fact that secondhand smoke is a health hazard. It contains more than 4,000 chemicals and can lead to many health problems, including heart disease, cancer, respiratory infections and asthma.

As a Texan, I believe that I have the right to breathe clean air in restaurants, bars and other workplaces. I do not choose to smoke and therefore should not have to be exposed to smoke when I am in public.

Evidence shows that strong smoke-free laws that cover all workplaces including restaurants and bars are effective at reducing the risk of secondhand smoke exposure. In fact, laws that support strong smoking ordinances prove to have no adverse effect to the revenue of business owners.  Consequently they have improved the health of the employees and communities tremendously. 

The city council of Weatherford has asked city officials to propose a smoke-free ordinance. I urge constituents to express their desire for an ordinance that includes ALL workplaces. 

Fifty years after the first Surgeon General’s report we have learned that the estimated increase in risk for stroke from exposure to secondhand smoke is about 20 percent to 30 percent.

Furthermore, the Surgeon General’s report states that, “the evidence is sufficient to infer a causal relationship between the implementation of a smoke-free law or policy and a reduction in coronary events among people younger than 65 years of age.”

Secondhand smoke kills smokers and nonsmokers alike. I should not be at a higher risk for health problems because I go to restaurants or other workplaces that allow smoking. The harmful effects of secondhand smoke should be eliminated by simply requiring smoke-free workplaces in the City of Weatherford.

I encourage the City Council to strengthen the proposed ordinance and not exempt any businesses the ordinance. The science is clear, there is no safe alternative other than a complete smoke-free ordinance that covers all public workplaces.    


Connie Kerr, state advocacy chair, American Heart Association

Supports Suchocki for Precinct 4 JP

Dear Editor,

Bernard Suchocki is running for Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 in the March 4 election. As a friend and neighbor for 17 years, I have seen his commitment in giving back to his community.

Bernard is currently finishing out his term on our Willow Park City Council where he has volunteered countless hours in studying the issues and trying to better our community. As an experienced trial lawyer, Bernard has been able to bring his knowledge of law to the city council to help resolve numerous contract issues and is a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility.

Through the past many years, he has also been involved in other areas of public service as a member of the Board of Directors of the Fire Department and as a commissioner of the Planning and Zoning Committee.

For more than 20 years, Bernard has been giving educational presentations to our local students about space explorations and his experience with NASA as a member of the Apollo 13 Mission Operations Team.

I strongly believe Bernard Suchocki will work as hard as Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace as he has as a member of the Willow Park City Council. Bernard stands behind the people he is serving and goes above and beyond his duties required. I strongly encourage you to support Bernard Suchocki by voting for him on the March 4th election and early voting that runs from Feb. 18-28.

Rosemary Barron, Willow Park

Writer supports Riley for judge

Dear Editor,

To my friends, I would ask you to support my friend, Judge Mark Riley, in the upcoming primary.

I have known Mark for many years and worked with him. He is known as a great judge for all his time and effort in serving Parker County. His experience and knowledge cannot be understood by many residents. He has served us greatly.

Please vote for experience and knowledge of our county government – Mark Riley for county judge.

Carrie Reed, Springtown

Former clerk supports current clerk

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter to ask you to join me in voting to keep Jeane Brunson Parker County Clerk.

As many of you know, I was county clerk for 19 years before I retired. I first met Jeane in 1990 when she began working for a previous county judge as his court coordinator.

I was impressed with her honesty, always willing to help, and her integrity. When I retired in 1992, I supported Jeane in her bid to be appointed by commissioners court to fill my unexpired term. She was chosen by the court and was sworn in as the new county clerk in February 1993. I’ve supported her in every election since that time.

I’ve endorsed her each election because I know Jeane Brunson has been an asset to Parker County government. She is dedicated to doing what is right even if it is the unpopular thing to do, has been very conservative in spending our tax dollars and has seen to the smooth operation of five offices and five budgets through the many changes over the years. She has brought current technology into the Records and Deeds office without using our tax dollars.

It only makes good sense that we keep her 22 years experience as Parker County Clerk working for us.

I ask you to join me in voting to keep Jeane Brunson Parker County Clerk. Early voting goes through Friday, Feb. 28. Election day is March 4.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Carrie Reed, former Parker County clerk

Reader backs Suchocki for Precinct 4 JP

Dear Editor,

I have known and worked with Bernard R. Suchocki for the last three years. We have campaigned and serviced on Willow Park City Council together and I can truly say that Bernard is an amazingly person.

I see that many of his skills have been learned while he worked for NASA on the Apollo program and on space shuttle software. He understands how to manage a project by beginning with an iterative plan, defining tasks, assigning action items with target completion dates, providing monthly update regarding progress and producing documentation that tracks the development.

Among his many contributions to the city, he has developed a set of Guidelines of Best Practices to ensure that contracts are properly handled by setting out procedures for review, modification and approval and also by providing an index containing suggestive language to protect the city from litigation.

In addition, his guidelines contain best practices for requesting and posting agenda items, generating requests for proposals/qualifications and suggestions for writing more informative minutes.

He has also produced a 27-page typed and color-coded written analysis of a recent request for proposal with suggestions to protect the city from litigation.

I could go on and on, but I will get to the bottom line and that is that Bernard is highly productive and extremely detailed. He constantly strives for perfection.

I know that Bernard has had his sights and heart set on being a judge, but he ran for city council at the specific request of several interested persons. I have no doubt that Bernard will be a full-time judge and that he will organize the justice of the peace office and make it highly productive. I know that his ruling will be honest and fair. I am voting for Bernard and I urge everyone to do so.

Dan Stalling, Willow Park City Council member, Place 4

Vick backed for county treasurer

Dear Editor,

My name is Emily Pope. I worked my way through high school and college at Vick’s Chevron Food Mart. Charley and Dedra Vick were my bosses.

As an employer, Dedra was always prompt and flexible in scheduling the work hours for us so that we were able to work when we needed to. She was always on top of figuring the payroll as well as her many other tasks. Her ability to manage all the day-to-day tasks, listen to her employees’ needs and still build amazing relationships with customers and citizens of the community shows how dedicated, loyal and responsible she is.

Her passion for the community, and good customer service is evident because she made so many life long friends in the process of being a business owner. Furthermore, her ability to pass along to me and the other young adults these values and work ethics was priceless.

Dedra is a hard worker, bookkeeper, teacher, mentor, and faithful woman. In my opinion, her years of experience with payroll and bookkeeping, as well as her love for the people of Parker County, make her the obvious choice for the job of Parker County treasurer.

Thank you,

Emily Pope, Weatherford

Suchocki has reader’s support for JP4

Dear Editor,

I have known Bernard Suchocki, his wife, Connie, and their two children for more than 20 years. I am writing this letter to show my support for Bernard Suchocki for Justice of the Peace.

Bernard and Connie have been married for 46 years and have raised two responsible children, Bernard “Chip” Jr., a firefighter, and Amy, who is employed by a defense contractor.

Bernard is a devoted and loving husband and father. Bernard is a hard-working person and very detailed in his work. He is a very honest, loyal and trustworthy person.

Bernard is running for justice of the peace and I feel it is important that I express my opinion and tell everyone I know that Bernard will be an excellent judge.

He has been an attorney for more than 30 years. He worked at NASA and I have seen all the pictures and awards that he has for being one of the engineers that helped put a man on the moon. He has notes from astronauts and items taken in space and to the lunar surface.

He is serving out his term at city council. He has a Medal of Freedom award that he received as a member of the Apollo 13 Mission Operations Team. He is a city council member and a commissioner of the Planning & Zoning commission. He has made many presentations to schools about the Apollo program and Apollo 13. He is highly qualified for Justice of the Peace and I know that he will excel and make the office more efficient.

I am going to vote for Bernard and I encourage you to do the same.

Brenda Stout, Aledo