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June 13, 2013

KELLY: What do you think?

Weatherford Democrat


Youth hormone: WOW! Just by taking this orally once a day you can take 20 years off your aging life process.

That is the claim made by the manufacturers of a product called SeroVital-hgh. By taking this product once a day, if you are 50 years old you will again look 30. I am 92, I wonder if I took it twice a day if it would make me look like 52?

Would all you beautiful gals out there over 40 want to look 20 years younger or would you just want to look your natural self? I bet the first choice would win out. What do you think?

Cry babies: Hispanics are crying about illegal immigration, African-Americans still claim they suffer from discrimination, and they both, along with Arab Muslims, claim racial profiling by the police and home security agents.

Whites claim they are being discriminated against in securing the college of their choice or the job of their choice in certain companies. I sure do not know the answer to all those things but I would think that part of the answer would be to drive properly, stay honest and out of trouble and prepare yourself for the new requirements of the present and future job market. What do you think?

Church: I read where church attendance on Sundays is down; that almost half of our young people have lost religion by the age of 18. It matters not your religious denomination, we all should set a good example to our children by attending Sunday services with them. What do you think?

Speeding a concern: An article in the May 26th Democrat stated that just 27 percent of drivers were driving at the posted speed limit on South Main Street, on South Bowie just 16 percent and 31 percent on Palo Pinto Street. The article did not mention an accident rate increase on those streets. If there was no accident increase on those streets that should tell the traffic authorities something very obvious – the speed limits are too low. What do you think?

Immigrants and voting: The immigrants of the 19th and early 20th centuries came here to  become Americans and did become Americans. The present immigrants seem to come here for citizenship, jobs and welfare, not particularly to become Americans. I do not believe any immigrants should be given the right to vote until 10 years after becoming a citizen. In 10 years they would be assimilated in to the American way of life, learn the English language, understand the constitutional privilege of voting and should by then be genuine Americans. Only then should they be given the right to vote. What do you think?

Remember 1938: I graduated from high school in 1938. The Great Depression was still on and World War II was on the horizon. I thought you might be interested in the general cost of living at that time:

• Gallon of gas – 10 cents.

• Loaf of bread – 9 cents.

• Best picture – “You Can’t Take It With You.”

• Song hit – “Thanks for the Memory.”

• First “Superman” comic was published.

• Average new home – $3,900.

• Average house rental – $27 per month.

I had forgotten myself how low they were. What do you think?

William J. Kelly is a Weatherford resident and frequent contributor to Viewpoints.