Weatherford Democrat

May 12, 2013

From daughter to mother: a special Mother’s Day reflection

Weatherford Democrat

— Lori Simpson shared this about her mother, Helen, for Mother’s Day:

For this Mother’s Day I thought I would say something special about my mom. I rarely say anything, I guess because I take a lot of what she does for granted, because she is mom to me. But there is more to this woman than I could ever have hoped for.

My mother has been wife, cook, nurse, educator, worker, sister, aunt and has given far more love to those around her than she has ever received. My mother was born during the Great Depression era and was the youngest of eight children. She then met and married my dad as a teenager and they have managed to keep a 66-year marriage happy with love, humor and wit.

Even at 83 my mom can still enjoy a good laugh and come back with a quick thought when the time arises. She has been my nurse when, in 2000, I was flat on my back from surgery for nearly a year, sometimes never getting more than two hours sleep while having to get up and change IV’s and wound dressings.

My mom could cook for “Cox’s army” and have some of the best meals in town. She may have not had a high school education, but she got to travel the country with my father as he served in the military and was able to both see, learn and do things that most women would not. My mom served right next to my father in the military and on the day of his retirement, she was presented a set of military retirement papers as well signed by President Nixon for 20 years of unwavering and dedicated service to the many wives of the men serving in the United States Air Force, in which she served as president of the Wife’s Club.

My mom has worked her entire life tirelessly to ensure that both my dad and I were taken care of. She often spent many a Friday night in the football stands making sure that I knew she was there in the stands supporting me as I played in the band at Weatherford High and she was there for both my high school and college graduations, beaming with pride as her only child achieved the dreams that she had not.

My mom is now 83 and age has caught up with her and has slowed her down health wise. Now it is my turn to be the nurse, cook, educator and friend that my mom has been to me for 46 years. I don’t know where I would be if she hadn’t been there often pushing me to achieve my goals or lending a helping hand when she could. My mom is my best friend and I could not have asked for a more wonderful mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, momma! I love you so very much! – Lori.