Weatherford Democrat

November 7, 2012

Voters consider a variety of issues at polls

Christin Coyne

PARKER COUNTY — A range of issues brought Parker County residents to the voting booth.

For Corey and Valerie Whitehead, Weatherford ISD history and math teachers, it was about their students.

“It’s my civic duty,” Corey Whitehead said, who added that his students took part in a mock election Tuesday.

It’s an important lesson to teach students, Valerie Whitehead said.

Corey Whitehead said he voted to help clean up America and get it right.

Education is an issue that is important to both of them.

He would like to see the playing field leveled and oranges compared to oranges rather than states becoming competitive when it comes to education.

For Jaclyn Martin showing up to vote was not about a particular political issue.

“I’m just doing my part,” Martin said.

Jeff Hartley echoed her sentiments.

“I thought it was a part of my duty to do,” Hartley said.

Crissy Turner said she showed up because she wanted to vote for Barack Obama.

Turner said she voted for him in 2008, as well.

For Brian and Fang Brister, who both have a master’s degree in chemistry but found themselves struggling to make ends meet in recent years, their experiences have helped shape who they chose to vote for this year.

“It’s a time to select our leadership,” Fang Brister said, adding that after watching the candidates, she felt sad that they seemed more intent on blaming the American people rather than presenting to voters how they planned to help them out.

Both of them found themselves overqualified for jobs and, after going on food stamps for a period of time, had to go back to school to find a job.

Fang Brister said she now works in nursing.

If voters were given the options of the current presidential candidates or none of the above, Brian Brister said he believes voters would choose none of the above.

He said he tried to vote based on the job he’s seen them do or how he believes they will do rather than what they tell voters.