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May 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor – May 23, 2013

Weatherford Democrat

Vote ‘buy’ vote

Dear Editor,

America is being destroyed by voter fraud and the buying of votes by the followers of Karl Marx.

There is voter fraud on both sides of the political spectrum, but the Republicans are slow learners. They don’t seem to be able to hold the light for Democrats to lie and steal votes by. Did you ever hear of box 13 in Alice, Texas? Lyndon Johnson was losing the senate race. But manna from heaven came to the rescue, in the form of 200 votes, that appeared six days after the election. One hundred ninety-eight votes for Mr. Johnson, and two for his opponent, which gave him an 87-vote margin to win the election.

Have you ever heard of the Chicago motto “vote early and often?” There is a poll watcher in Ohio that voted absentee and at the polling place, sent in an absentee ballot for her granddaughter, who went to the polling place and voted again. The lady also sent in two more absentee ballots for people living at her address. She doesn’t think that there is any thing wrong with voting for other folks or voting multiple times.

Did you ever hear of an election board being sued to cut short the voting time for military personnel? You might want to check out what the Obama campaign did in Ohio. Ordinarily the military is allowed to vote absentee up until the day before the election.

America has always made special concessions for the military to have an opportunity to vote, going back to the Revolutionary War. I dare say, had the military votes been counted in Florida in the 2000 election, it would not have been necessary to count hanging chads.

The green horns who raised large sums of money for the Obama campaign, were recipients of millions of tax payer money that went to play solar panels and windmills, and electric cars that were basically a total waste of money. Did you ever hear of Acorn, now that organization is a real vote getter by any method that can be contrived

Low and no information voters will wake up in the near future and wonder how this could have happened. The Democrat party promised us a level playing field, but something went very wrong. Inflation is going to eat you alive. A little government is necessary to counter act human nature, but big government, is Lucifer in disguise and it has destroyed nation after nation and there is no reason to think that it won’t happen in America.

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford

Republicans using Benghazi for all it’s worth

Dear Editor,

The most telling explanation of the Benghazi murder of four Americans was printed on page 13 of the Wednesday, May 15, Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The article says Ambassador Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi, refused additional security protection on Aug. 16, when Gen. Carter Ham, head of the U.S. African command, offered military security forces.

Ambassador Stevens again refused military security weeks later when he met Gen. Ham at a meeting in Germany. No reason was given by Ambassador Stevens on either occasion. I cannot think of any reason Ambassador Stevens refused military security other than he wanted to keep the Benghazi operation low profile, probably with CIA encouragement.

Keep in mind the U.S. aid to the Libyan rebels all flowed through Benghazi. The aid operation was a CIA operation. The security provided Ambassador Stevens was not the usual Marine Corps detachment. I have not read any news story identifying who the security men, killed in Benghazi, worked for. I suspect they were CIA or CIA contractors.

Every investigation done by the State Department and the Congress revealed it was the CIA, which created the much-publicized talking points U.N. Ambassador Rice used to inform the media of the attack. What is becoming abundantly clear is that it was the CIA that limited the details of the attack and not the State Department or the administration. There may have been good investigative reasons why the CIA did not want to let the attackers know the CIA knew it was a planned attack and not a result of general demonstrations about an Anti Muslim video.

In the May 16 issue of the Star-Telegram we are told the CIA’s top two officials disagreed as to what details should be released to the public. Principally as to who had carried out the attack. The version given to Ambassador Rice did not include the version that the attack was a planned attack by a Libyan militant group. Ret. Admiral Mike Mullens and Ambassador Thomas Pickering investigated the manner and found no White House involvement in the omitted information.

The Republicans in the House have refused to accept the findings of their own Republicans investigators, as to why the information was initially withheld. Three days after Ambassador Rice’s speech the President identified the attackers as Libyan terrorists, which should have ended the controversy.

Since General David Petraeus was director of the CIA at the time of the attack, perhaps all concerned feel the General has suffered enough, due to his resignation, and need not be criticized further for a minor, temporary omission to the public.

Even though all informed military authorities have said there was no way a U.S. military force could have reacted in time to save the American in Benghazi, the Republican speaker of the House plans to forge ahead with an investigation in five House committees. They apparently want to use this tragedy for all its political worth.


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford