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April 20, 2014

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Laws can’t be ignored

Weatherford Democrat

Laws can’t be ignored

Dear Editor,

Senator Harry Reid said, “We just can’t let people ignore the law.”

He forgot to mention the fact that laws only apply to certain folk.

The Bundy family can’t graze their cattle on federal land without paying a grazing fee. Why did it take a hundred years for the government to come to that conclusion? The Bundy family started ranching in the late 1800s. Do you suppose that the United Nations’ Agenda 21 might have a bearing on what is happening in this country? If you are not familiar with Agenda 21 it might be beneficial for you to do a little research on the matter, and find out what is happening below the radar.

Mr. Bundy’s cattle endangering the desert tortoise was the beginning of the controversy. I wonder how the poor little creatures survived the wild horses and other larger species before the Bundy family started their ranching operation? According to the government the cattle are destroying the environment, and the environment must be protected.

Have you seen the results of illegal traffic on the border? There is more damage done to the ranch land than you can imagine. We don’t enforce the border laws, but we must enforce the grazing laws. The reason for the difference is cows can’t vote. I would venture to say if the Bundy’s promised to vote for Democrats, they could get a subsidy to graze on public land and eat turtle soup.

Does it concern you that the president makes up laws that  benefit his agenda. He promised to work across the aisle, but his idea of compromise is his way or the highway.

Senator Reid said Mr. Bundy and his supporters were domestic terrorists. In my opinion Senator Reid is the domestic terrorist. The tea party citizens are tired of being trampled on. If you don’t see what an overbearing government can do, you need to wake up. The delta smelt minnow has deprived the San-Joaquin valley farmers of irrigation water. How much farm and ranch land do we have to take out of production before food prices are unaffordable?

Richard Feuilly, Weatherford

This is democracy?

Dear Editor,

The current Republican strategy for the next national election is to continue their attack on Obamacare, keep rehashing the IRS investigation of Republication political action committees, continue to investigate the Bengazi murder of our Ambassador and, of course, blame the NSA communication spying on the Obama Administration, which was created by the Bush administration and overwhelmingly passed by both houses of congress.

If the Congress wants someone to blame for the NSA operation, they should just look in a mirror.

I believe all four Republican plans will fail. The major problem with Obamacare was the Internet enrollment, which has been largely corrected. And by the 2016 election there will be 15-20 million Americans enrolled who would be without health insurance if the law had not been enacted.

Anybody who has read or listened to the numerous investigations of the Bengazi attack would know Bengazi was a total CIA operation. And it was our Ambassador that twice refused military security before the fatal attack. Out of loyalty to our dead Ambassador and the secrecy of CIA operations, the President has refused to place any blame on the man and agency most responsible for the lack of adequate security.

The IRS investigation of Republican and Democratic political action committees started when the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that any organization that had some charitable activity did not have to reveal the names of its donors. Each organization must only apply to the IRS for charitable organization status. The IRS soon received hundreds of applications requesting a change from a political action committee to a charity. This would let every approved organization conceal their financial sources.

If you think this is a good idea, consider billions of dollars can now be injected into political organizations in complete secrecy. Do we really want China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea front organizations financing elections in this country? Do you want corporations and the wealthy making almost unlimited political donations, and do you believe these political action committees, are now really charities?

Our founding fathers never dreamed that elections could be bought by foreigners, corporations and billionaires, which is now the current law of land. Now even the most radical groups and individuals can buy candidates and parties in complete secrecy. What form of democracy is this?


Dennis Tilly, Weatherford